Neshumova Playground

Art Director from Argentina Kochi, Largue and her husband, Director Andy Fogwill used to look at the world through a small window of cinema lenses. But after they got their own building with huge Windows, they had to look at life in new ways.

As they say in the novels, there were no signs of the storm. At first, everything went very well. District Old Palermo, where he decided to settle Argentine couple, have long been chosen by the local Bohemians, is a more appropriate place for the creative mind just does not come up. What can we say about the house! He liked Coti and Andy at first sight. High fence with ivy, and concealed from the prying eyes of a two-story “box” with two glazed walls. Six-meter Windows created a feeling of extraordinary lightness and transparency, blurring the boundary between the living room and patio, where, in the shade of palm trees is a swimming pool and a small outbuilding (“Ideal for home Studio!” decided immediately Coti at the sight of this construction.)

The former owners left the house in perfect condition, so serious it is not required. Coti and Andy just updated the paint on the facade and altered sidewalks, replacing gravel on concrete surface. But before the new home was far away…

Andy and Kochi working in the advertising business and know how to create a space that looks perfect in the frame. They hoped that this experience will help them to build a new house, but wrong: “We quickly realized that in real life work very different laws. It turned out that a house is not for filming, but for myself, not so easy!”

The only thing having a problem is with the colors, because it is dictated by nature itself. To highlight and set off the bright greenery outside the window, the previous tenants painted the room with paint pale green hue. The new owners decided not to change anything. “The walls looked great, so we decided not to experiment,” says Coty. But when it came to furnishings and the time has come to tell the word, the pair has stalled. Simple belongings gained Andy and Kochi in a previous life, have been just enough to narrowly beat the Studio in the outbuilding, “Although in themselves these things were not so bad to get along with each other they are decidedly not wanted.” But it’s not so bad — spouses had practically nothing to develop the interior of the house.

In Russia usually dance from the stove — that is, from what is already available. So decided to do and Kochi with Andy: if the walls issue has been resolved — so you should start it with them. The Argentinian couple had a beautiful collection of paintings in the pop art style. The exhibits took their places on the walls, but it turned out that the similarity in the views of the spouses begin and end continuous differences.

Coty wanted to design the interior in a minimalist style, and her husband actively “lobbied” design of 60-ies. Both were justified by high ceilings and huge Windows — the perfect backdrop for simple modern furniture, and the idea to fill the house the cult objects of the mid-twentieth century prompted the decoration of the walls. Wife almost had a fight in the nines, but still managed to find a compromise.

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