Nikita became a paratrooper

Nikita Bogdanov – cerebral palsy. Without a wheelchair and assistance he can only move by crawling, but nevertheless chosen with friends, Hiking, alloyed on catamarans. Nikita studying at the Ryazan branch of the Moscow state University of Economics, statistics and Informatics, dreams of family and a good job…Four years ago, he looked a cult Soviet film about paratroopers “In the zone of special attention” and ill desantura. Now the questions he answers are not “Yes” and “exactly!” When three years ago in the famous 137th parachute landing regiment, Ryazan declared open day, Nikita couldn’t resist – got. My parents saw this passion of the son, bought him a vest and camouflage. The Director of the school where he had studied, himself a former paratrooper, gave his picks.– In the airborne troops is hard and fast rule: if you were not, shape wear have no right, – said Nikita. And I realized that I have no such right. Talked about it with the Marines, explained that if I was on my feet, would go to the landing forces must! In General, they have received the permission to carry form.However, that Nikita was not enough. He decided that he must pass the test of heaven. First, however, had to pass a test on earth – flying clubs refused to organize a jump for wheelchair users. The guy helped my stepfather, who himself once dreamed to jump with a parachute. He called in one after another flying club, and only in Kolomna near Moscow, after hearing the story of Nikita, said: come.3 may at the airfield in Kolomna gathered the whole family, even grandma and grandpa came to support her grandson. Most of all, as expected, worried mother to the last hoped that the jump will be canceled.With a height of 4 thousand meters the guy was jumping in tandem with an instructor.– When was in the air in free fall, lost all thought, – says Nikita. – Came to, only when the instructor shouted in my ear: “For VDV!”Many classmates didn’t believe that Nikita jumped, and he to prove anything to anyone and is not going, the main thing – proved.Maxim Chernomorets.

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