Non-alcoholic cocktails, or the hangover, if not alcohol?

Take a few different juices and syrups, and more exotic, the better, milk, fresh cream, add a few berries or pieces of fruit. Spices would be good too. Don’t forget to have a few pieces of ice. And get started. Below are a few simple recipes, but not necessarily to follow them all should solve your imagination. It would be more and decorate your cocktail, at least with a sprig of celery.

Bloody Eyes

Return to normal after busting you can use “Bloody Mary” which is completely absent vodka: tomato juice, add salt, pepper, and 1 egg yolk. The name of this cocktail — “Bloody eye”, apparently this was because to drink it is recommended to those who already “fit” and his eyes were bloodshot

Tomato and orange cocktail

Worcestershire sauce — 1 teaspoon;Orange juice — 40 ml Tomato juice — 60 ml;Cayenne pepper — 1 pinch;Ice, 2-3 cubes.

Mash and throw in a glass of ice, add the Worcestershire sauce, orange and tomato juice, sprinkle with pepper, stir it well and strain through a sieve into a glass.

Citrus cocktail

Orange juice — 200 ml Lemon — 1 PCs;Honey — 100 g;Egg white — from 1 egg.

Chop the lemon peel, mix with orange juice and honey, if desired, add protein. Whisk in the mixer for 5 minutes. Recommended to drink in one gulp.

Moose milk

Vodka — 4 tablespoons;granulated Sugar — ¼ Cup;Fragrant water made from orange blossom — 1 tablespoon (you see how exotic!);Lemon juice — 4 tablespoons;Ice — 6 cubes;Milk — 1.5 cups.

Mix all ingredients, except milk, in ten seconds. Add milk and again stir. Get two servings.

On Monday morning

Kefir or curdled milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt, and best of all Mare’s milk — 200 ml;Cucumber — 50 g;Black and red pepper — 1 pinch;Sugar — 3 teaspoons;Salt — 1 pinch;fennel Seeds — 1 pinch;dill — teaspoon.

Cool off milk product. Finely chop or scroll in a meat grinder fresh cucumber. Grind in a coffee grinder dill seeds, dill finely chop. Mix the cucumber with fermented milk product, strain and drink the strained, add pepper, salt, seeds and greens of dill, and sugar. Whisk all this in a blender or good PrimeSite.

The recipe is from Nebraska

Cabbage brine — ½ Cup;Olive oil — 3 teaspoons;Pepper — to taste.

Eat a piece of bacon. And there are no problems. It remains a mystery why the cocktail is so named. Well, where in Nebraska cabbage pickle come from?How easy! As two raw eggs

Ice cold orange juice and two raw eggs.

Mix and drink.

Mix with egg

If you are a fundamental fan of natural pohmelitsy, offers the following recipe: mix in a glass egg with a tablespoon of vinegar, add salt, pepper, mix thoroughly and drink.

Egg — 1 PC;Vinegar — 1 table spoon;Salt and pepper — to taste.

Nutmeg cocktail

Tomato juice — ¾ Cup;Cream — 2 tablespoons;Egg — 1 PC.; Ground nutmeg — to taste.

Drink in one gulp.

They say that this cocktail still smell discourages… ]

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