NTV journalists was beaten and robbed teenagers in Brussels

During an interview on the film crew of NTV attacked and severely beat the teenagers in Brussels.

As informs television channel NTV, during the shooting of the report in Brussels on the film crew of the channel was attacked by a group of teenagers. As noted by the injured reporter Konstantin Panyushkin in a statement on the website of the channel, the journalist tried to interview a group of young people who looked to be no more than 20 years. After a few minutes of an interview with one of the Teens attacked the cameraman and began to beat him, trying to steal the camera. Then the bullies started to beat and correspondent.

“Both were beaten, knocked to the ground, finished. And finished off until, until I took a backpack with documents, money, laptop,” said Panyushkin channel.

It is reported that some of the attackers detained by police. The crew was looking for in Brussels friends of the terrorist who committed the undermining at the stadium “Stade de France” in Paris.

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