Officials from the Altai bought vases for 3.5 million; for food in hospitals there is no money

Altai officials spent 3.5 million rubles for the purchase of two vases. learned the details.

The office of the Governor and the government of the Altai region signed a contract for the purchase of two vases with a total cost of 3.5 million rubles. Floor vases, their height – 100cm, diameter – 70 cm were Purchased from a vendor who appears in the tender as “the one” is Kolyvanskiy stone-cutting factory named after I. I. Polzunov.

“Of course, such purchases for our government – a necessity! Without them, the whole work will fall! It’s either these vases to give or set somewhere near the entrance. Amazing solution for the region, where a whole segment of the population do not have enough money elementary bread,” wrote activist Alexander Zonov, who raised the issue of the wastefulness of the Altai officials.

Zonov appealed to the Moscow architectural firm, where he explained that they manufacture and installation of two similar decor items will cost 1.5 million rubles, that is 2 million less. Now the social worker is waiting for a response from the Prosecutor’s office to see if there is corruption.

Love to high officials not indifferent to, and residents of the Altai territory. People write that for this money you could buy two one-bedroom apartments for the victims of the fire in a nice new house. One probably would not mind if millions went to Finance social institutions. Spring in the Altai there was a big scandal when the CRB at the Zonal district told about the lack of food for patients – potatoes and cereals. And although officials have denied the information – say, all in all enough, talking about a similar situation in other hospitals.

How strange to spend millions on art, when there is no money for food.

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The material was published in the edition of “Interlocutor” No. 45-2017 under the title “Drawn to art”.

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