Olga Budina: “I gave up – bought tablet son”

The actress is raising her 10-year-old son of Naum a real man and assistant to: he opens the front door and mom carry heavy bags. And still loves to wash the floors!

As I child’s bring one, then of course I have to be a strict mother, – says Olga. But at the same time all the time to be harsh I can’t. When you realize that the time has come and I need to show rigor, Naum I say: “okay, now I’m gonna be your dad!” and begin to Peschici. Once the suggestion is made, say: “all right, now I’m a mom. Come here, I’ll regret it.” And if I sometimes raise his voice, and the child understands that I get angry, he says, “You look like the Hulk”. I said, “Yes, now I’m angry and unpredictable Hulk (superhero, coming to the anger turns into a monster. – Approx. “Antenna”), take a club and will you bash”. Naum soon realizes that he went too far and must quickly be corrected, starts to do or toys to collect. So it is even possible that such a strict upbringing to make the game.

Also there is another way. Of course, all children love their parents, so sometimes I say, “If you misbehave, I will comment that I raised you. You want to berate me?” Of course Naum says no. It is also effective methods.

I find different approaches, but be sure to always recite, explain why not, why can, why good or bad. Consider it absolutely wrong when parents say, “Take it and do it, no questions asked.” Then the child feels an absolute fool and doesn’t understand why this is necessary in his life. And when he understands, then he is included and you also also help.

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