Olga Kormukhina doesn’t know how to make money

In Naro-fomisk the Festival of good deeds “Island.ru” we arrived in the morning and went to the Russian tale. Heroes in chain mail was playing with swords, girls in wreaths and Russian costumes during the workshops. Visitors, and their two days of the festival were about four thousand, he studied sculpting pots from clay, making dolls out of scraps, paint batik, make amulets of threads and torches. And yet, most guests waited for the concert. On stage came a lot of jazz, ethnic groups, the stars of the show “the Voice”, “Voice. Children”, the leader of group “Park bitter” Alexey Belov, whose performances were accompanied by the Symphony orchestra “Russian Philharmonic”, and of course, the main character of the holiday Olga Kormukhina.

Despite the fact that the entrance to “the Island.ru” was free, the festival collects money, and considerable. After all, anyone can buy CDs and Souvenirs, and these funds go to charity. This year was collected 341.000 rubles, the money allocated for the restoration of the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin in the faith, as well as two child care centers – “Hope” and “Tale” in city Naro-fomisk. Of course, the “stars” couldn’t give pleasure to speak with the legendary singer.

Now my husband, Alexei Belov (group leader “Gorky Park”) recorded a new album and are actively preparing for the concert in Crocus city Hall, which is scheduled for

March 1, 2015. This event will be key for us next year, and we will perform songs from their new album, will please the old favorite hits and of course surprise surprise.

– Olga, you’re married 15 years, as you and your husband managed to keep the family love and creativity on stage?

– You know, Alex has no time for any nonsense, we are very busy with each other, daughter, creativity, so we have a very strong marriage. We are not just husband and wife as a single unit. I don’t know where the end starts I’m Alex, and Vice versa. Now we are trying to connect to all our business daughter in Anatolia, she was there at the festival, is a volunteer, trying to help. Looking at my daughter, I understand that the main task of our festival is already fulfilled. Yesterday saw my 14-year-old daughter stood by the stage and listened with interest to the songs of Russian artists. After all, before she refused to listen to them categorically, and yesterday admitted that Russian music she liked. Mass culture we have in a deplorable state: culture, culture of perception. For now, mostly concerts, not listening, and watching. Here and lips like a fish, and everything else, to be creative, time left, all is spent on liposuction and apparently, this process is irreversible. Our goal is to cover as much as possible the number of people who want to listen to the music. And I’m sure if we do it nicely, truly, we will have to grow the audience. Not a crowd, and audience. Good works are understood by themselves, because the music is good. I dreamed that music was my calling is to serve good deeds. It’s embarrassing that I enjoy on stage and I still pay money for it. I spend on your festival “Island.ru”, trying to return to the stage a true art. So I can answer all the applause and love that I carry the audience. Today we have acts at the festival Symphony orchestra “Russian Philharmonic”, the band will play the Russian classics, which the whole world admires.

Olga Kormukhina /

Olga Kormukhina /

– Anatolia only 14 years old, and she understands the quality of music. Like you she instilled a sense of beauty?

– We did nothing, she just grew up with this music. I was once asked: “so, you and the music don’t like it, if you don’t like Russian music?” She said “Your like, but you have the same mom and dad, this is somehow interesting!” So in his own country a prophet is not. However, Anatoly dreams of becoming a musician, a clothes designer, like me at the time. She is very good at drawing, like Alex and I, we’re both architects by education first.

But who will it be, only time will tell, and our Lyosha task is to help her to find herself. The most important thing that a person found a case that will absorb it fully, then he will not drink, drug abuse, he will not have time. We want participating in our festival, people were doing good deeds, and bad no time left.

Olga Kormukhina and finalists show “Voice. Children” /

Olga Kormukhina and finalists show “Voice. Children” /

– Olga, do you want to do more and fashion design?

– I have my own style in clothing, he likes people, judging by the reviews. You know, growing up I loved to play in the page, I had seen enough of the fairy tale “Kingdom of crooked mirrors”, where was Olya and Yalo, remember? They were pages. I regularly in their caps and berets made holes and was pulling them scarves instead of plumes. So ran around the kindergarten to the scarf waving. Constantly smacked for it from parents and educators, they saw to it that I didn’t screw hats, but it was useless: in the new cap there was always a hole, and the hole in the scarf. Love this pagetwo, the hussars remained. In my music, too, there are the hussars. We – the Russian people, and in each of us there is a hussar spirit. So some of my suits have jackets, tunics. Their costumes I make myself. Someone copies someone takes note of, and make money… I don’t know, honestly, to make money on anything. And become a designer – well, when? I have concerts, festivals, photography, events… Need to focus on one and really!

Olga Kormukhina and Gleb Matveichuk /

Olga Kormukhina and Gleb Matveichuk /

– You have many friends who support you. For example, Ivan Okhlobystin last year played at your festival “Island.ru”.

– Yes, we’ve been friends for a long time, since the days of wild youth. We have a friendly van-lyric relationship. Are relationships just a lyric or just a friendly, and we have such. I think I have such a relationship with Garik Sukachev. These two people are not just supporting me – they understand me, accept and inspire. Oddly enough, but more obstacles and negative aspects associated with jealousy, I have experienced from men and not from women. Maybe it’s because I sing the male music. But John and Gary are my heart friends, that in all conditions and situations understand me. And when the three of us, from us has a spark. Three hurricane.

– In the show “Two stars” you won together with Gleb Matveychuk. He did not become your fourth hurricane?

– He can’t be Gleb tenor to the bone. He is what he is, and that’s good. The project ended and everyone went their own way. He is now expressing herself, sometimes works as he circumstances dictate. I’m on my way, I and the project was firmly on him. And by the hand led this way Gleb, as he would sometimes nor rested. I told him, “I chose you, and I’m responsible for this project. I have to do what is expected of me!” And won in his choice. Because in any competition, even in the “Voice” wins not only the party but also his coach. A lot depends on what kind of music will choose the coach. In “Two stars” the leader was me. And thanks to Gleb that he survived. In fact, it was difficult to break myself. But then he was grateful to me that discovered this, about what not suspecting.

Olga Kormukhina /

Olga Kormukhina /

At the festival we met the brother of the singer, – Andrey Borisovich Kormukhina and asked him to tell about the famous sister.

– I’m younger than Olga for ten years and don’t know what it was in early childhood, but dad and mom told me that she stood in front of the guests on a stool, sang and said that would be a singer. I can say that singing is typical for many people from Nizhny Novgorod, because those who have been on the Volga, I saw the wide open spaces, confirm: the first thing to do outdoors is to yell “Woo-hoo!” We all sing, even me. On the Volga, the soul sings.

– You are only 44 years old, and you have a large dad! As decided on nine children?

– My wife gave birth to children not because it was planned, but because we are their God given. If he will give the tenth, eleventh, then we have to be ten, eleven. Our oldest son already serving in the army, marine corps, and the bride waits for him. So my wife and I think it’s time to stay and babysit the grandchildren. It’s nice that we’ll be young grandparents. And so we have a lot of cases, there is a movement “forty times Forty”, which helps the Orthodox people of Moscow to build temples where they live. We can turn any active community, and we will help to realize their dream. Here two weeks ago, we built ordinary the Church at the Russian field.

Olga Kormukhina with her husband /

Olga Kormukhina with her husband /

– Andrei, Olga rich aunt, and her nine nephews. Tell us about them.

Olya not only my aunt, she is also the godmother of two of our older sons. The Orthodox accepted that the most important gift is when a person prays for someone. And we know that she is smart and good molitvennitsa, she prays for all of us. And of course, she is very spoil children. Coming to visit us, always bringing a huge bag with Goodies, sweets. And for birthday gifts. Children are very fond of Olga and always a welcome guest. We have a family tradition together to celebrate Christmas. Home Russian oven, wife bakes it goose, Olya this dish very much. The scent of him all around the house. Outside, the frost, and the house is warm and cozy, all our family together in the house the laughter of children. This is a fabulous Christmas. And now, at your request, will talk about children. The eldest son Alexander, as I said, in the army. Seraphim and Ivan at the training camp in Estonia, they are engaged in biathlon at the Olympic reserve school. Catherine and Anya is now in a monastery obedience. They pray, cows graze, gather lime blossom, caring for chickens, swimming in the river, i.e. lead a full life of country people, as it was before, when everything worked, prayed and rested. They have a great vacation. Junior nick, Ignat, Andrei and Ilya with us at home. They have a little to go out of the house. You know, I wish the Russians began to have more children. Judge for yourself, prior to 1917 the average age of a resident of our country of 12 years, we were a nation of children. Today, these figures changed much, because the average age was 40 years. That is, for each baby there are 80-year-old man. We have become a nation of endangered seniors. So I dream to Russian again become a nation of children. Because we have a great story, great country, great people. And I wish we could share with other people with love, happiness and well-being.

Photo: Olga Budarina, Elizabeth Karpushkina, Asya Skorobogatova /”the Source”, Ltd Foma/Russian Look, Marina Zakharova/personal archive of Olga kormukhina

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