Opinion is correct


a — the beginning of a new unremarkable aphorism, umzalwane — wajeed for children, banlines — poznavatelnoe — interesnoe — crylate — luchshee — not wanep — pouzitelne — complex for Panamanian — in the puzzle, to ponder on the shrewdness and installation of your mneniyu — humor

The popular opinion is correct interesting competent to listen your own someone else’s social value depends on the controversial definition of the concept of the formation to produce change it is necessary to have to defend to prove to share stupid incorrect

z Opinion — opinion, attitude, judgment, point of view…z View — a personal point of view as a hypothesis on the subject, events, phenomena…s opinion — the assessment of reality through understanding and feeling.ELVs In the formation of correct views of the person very important is the role of spirituality, morality, humanity, benevolence, love of nature, activities.z the views of the person are formed through knowledge, feelings, emotions, thinking, observation, experience, analysis, conclusions, mood, health…z Radically changes the views of a man of faith in God.TC Opinion is born — as children inside of a person, not collected — like flowers in a field.p Is only one person to agree with our opinion — and we believe we have discovered truth.KP is worse Than a man — that he is the best opinion of himself.KP a person is often one opinion — the actions of others.KL Any opinions — dreams become truth.SN keeping only his opinion — the man is not growing.and it’s not the opinion — and the truth which they are hiding.but the majority Opinion is non-existent can make reality.to say a child’s mind and feelings.ELVs is Impossible to develop the proper opinion in the field that have not been researched and not feel it.z Exchange of opinions is the core of communication.p Views better to share than to insist on.zdp to Reckon with other people’s opinions — do not give self-love, importance, pride, rivalry, stubbornness…and an Interesting opinion — harder to skip past the ears.p you Should listen to everybody’s opinion.and We cry about public opinion when it coincides with ours.and often an Impartial opinion, from which nothing depends.KP Hasty opinion — the worst misconceptions.but it is Difficult to determine to what extent our personal opinion due to the fact that inspired parents, schools, authorities, media…and Change the opinions of growth rather than stupidity.and Silence is also an opinion.ZD Opinion gives rise to the dispute.ZD Dispute of opinion produces the truth.zdp Often people are not able or not willing to think — zasobiv the views of others, give them their own.KP does Not have an opinion — becomes a slave to others.to opine means to give consent to the dispute.ZD Fool speaks and acts according to others ‘ and often imposed opinions.KP higher opinion about yourself, the less the growth.KP do Not impose the opinion — and fail to it.s Own opinion even able to understand, difficult to break through the opinion of parents, teachers, community what kind of world they want to show.PV Unenlightened consciousness — hindrance to the development of correct opinions.s In forming the opinions required knowledge from the natural, socio-historical, technical, philosophical, everyday…z Significant changes in the formation of opinions of vocalpoint, aspirations, interests…the SOP Forming opinions, should be especially wary of the emotional-psychological component, knowing that it is nothing more than attitude, but on the other hand it is not necessary to limit this process only to an intellectual Foundation.p the opinions of others — cannot be ignored.p Opinion skip through the question.to the Opinion — not the truth.s View, supported by faith becomes a conviction.SN Principled and categorical opinion bothers to delve into the matter and unable to deal with the subject.s a competent opinion more credible.z To surface opinion with little credibility.s Lightweight opinion — is carried away by mistrust.SN Conflicting opinions — laugh chickens.p the conventional wisdom — is not convincing.p don’t rush to share someone else’s maniest Have a favorable opinion — more chances for support.PC Hold opinions — knowing.and the Opinion — not a fact.p don’t trust opinion — believe the truth.but Ethics is considered to be from Luba’s opinion.p Not to respect someone’s opinion, whatever it may be — is not ethical.ZD is in the process of thinking.and it’s Easy to be high opinion only with respect to himself, the low — other.

RFP Abusing borrowing the opinions of others, we lose ourselves.s Public opinion is more stable.W On the formation of opinion is influenced beliefs.p Taking the opinions of others — do not lose your.p the Opinion of people about themselves — learn from their children.Not as worst people with stupid opinions — like those who are not his testimonies.but the Opinion needs certainty.and the correctness of the views — does not depend on the number who agreed with him.p Argue with the opinion — and not his master.s public opinion more powerful — more difficult to Express their.CP the more we leave to hear people’s opinions — the less we need to adjust for them.to Opinion or fact — can argue with him.R Unchanged opinion — an affront to freedom.for More opinions — closer to the truth.s Opinion — has the ability to inspire.SN Below with your opinion, people agreed — sometimes you first need it to do competently.s Own opinion relative concept — because it is born from what we were told by parents, teachers, people, books, media…s the Best opinions become public.s Opinion from different points of view — is the sight of different people, or even one located in a different state or situation, a statement of the positive and negative aspects which has any the subject under discussion…s Conventional wisdom to make erroneous — able nonsense.z For the proud man’s opinion of himself other than his own.s Better an opinion about — who cares less about themselves and more about others.s Public opinion prevails.s Public opinion is slow and clumsy.s Until the public opinion Matures — the situation is changing.to the Main and not the opinion of the truth.s the opinion of the adjusted response on the subject of others.z, the View changed and less people are tough, stubborn, and conservative. î Surely the prevailing view — can turn into a conviction.this Targeted formulation of opinions — an indicator of maturity.APB Opinions are of enormous practical importance, affecting well-being, behavior, way of life, interests, goals, lifestyle, relationships, people …s Opinions greatly depend on the understanding of what is good and evil.s Opinions of man depend on the way of life and traditions.s influence On the opinions and values.s people’s Opinions change depending on what they see meaning in their lives.W On the formation of opinions affects the morality of using shame, conscience, compassion, mercy, sense of duty…it is Easier to change the world changing opinions.z Some views have their own terms, and even signs.z Some opinions — able to determine and reveal others.and the same opinion — could be interpreted by people differently.p First girlfriend, a new opinion needs to be a discussion.p There is nothing more stupid — as to form their own opinions depending on the mood.KL — is the truth.with Opinion — dissolved in benefits.KL people not in possession of the opinion alone — the lives of others.p Wrong opinions can lead to vices, indiscretions, and even crimes.PV When the wrong — a man’s life and his family turns into a nightmare.LVP Stupid to have an opinion — forced to trust the rumor.and Opinions of youth the most persistent.d to Change the view, does not mean not to make a mistake.p Opinion without a doubt — a great folly.s the correctness of the opinions depends on the knowledge of people and the world.s an Important tool for the formation of opinions — philosophy.s Significant deformation of the views of the person occurs under the influence of the instinct of reproduction.s On individual opinions significantly influence is widespread and the dominant mood of society.z To install the correct opinions without logical thinking can not do.n People along with their own opinions should present a picture of other views.z Installation views promotes intuition and shrewdness.p opinions are important consonance, consistency, depth, clarity, clarity…n the Formation of opinions must be deliberate and not spontaneous.z the Difference of opinion is essential in the search for truth.z There are people who choose their own opinions prefer consent or rejection of others.z Assimilation only already existing opinions, without thinking, analysis and search — destroys personality.ZD Opinions — sincere.but Opinion turned into a dogma — castanaut.z Some opinions — nothing more than a habit.s a Good basis for the formation of correct opinions is analysis and experience.SN a Hindrance to proper formation of opinions, false information.SN a Hindrance to proper formation of opinion — haste and bustle.as a child looks at the world through the eyes of parents, average age, etc.PZ Normal opinion can be born only in the coherence and balance all of their formative aspects.SN To get rid of putinesti opinions, you should start with simple everyday truths, slowly moving, linking them together.s the Formation of opinions hardest mental, spiritual, and practical work.SN In forming their opinions, a person just has to consider the past experience of the society and the coming future, the spirituality of their ancestors, General Outlook rather than treat them separately.s the General opinion is somewhere in between all views in the great socio-historical scale.z General views affect the formation of the individual.SN Unsystematic in the formulation of opinions — usually leads to their inconsistency and violation of logic.s the person’s Opinion is just that — what he is convinced.p Discordance of opinion of man — is not acceptable, they should represent a holistic set of beliefs.p Discordance of opinions of different people leads to a reasonable search of the truth, foolish enmity and hostility.z Support for the formation of opinions is curiosity.and Not having their opinions — like a parrot.but Changing the opinions — like a weather vane.ELVs Intolerance of the opinions of others — interferes with the development, truth, acceptance of correct decisions.p exchange of Views is beneficial.and Dumb opinions — is dead.the SOP From the correctness of the views of the person determines his fate and well-being.SN Blind belief and fanaticism — birth to the erroneous opinions.z Formation of correct opinions — promotes insight.and the Formation of opinion is a creative process.the SOP Forming opinions — should be based on reasonable justification.W On the formation of opinion is influenced by ideas.s Opinions of man depend on his activities.z On the views of a man influenced by brilliant people.p On the formation of wrong views — impact of the great adventurers.a Change of opinion leads to change.and there Are moments in life when you have to do toprecision opinions — if it is telling you a knowledgeable person or professional.s New views of human change.and Opinions you can influence people more than power.p In the view can become repetitive information.s Views lead to integrity and conviction.s Opinions form the world.ZD to remain faithful to the opinions — helps will.ZD affecting human behavior.s Through the prism of the views of the person evaluates what is happening.ZD From opinions depends on the attitude of the people.ELVs Personal interests, opinions, attitudes innovatorium us on actions that we affected the interests of others,which is compounded by the fact that they have different views and izmenyaetsya. Each of the parties is convinced of the correctness.This impasse one way out — to learn to act not tolkos based on their interests, but the interests of all who is in the area of decisions.SN From the opinions of people greatly depend on their human qualities.SN Person gives their opinion for achieving the goal.Spud the Loss of former right of opinions takes place under the pressure of vices, temptations, pleasures, p Manipulation of views — is not acceptable.PV’s Opinions should change carefully first and foremost on the basis of spiritual growth and knowledge.LDPE Opinion, formed on the grounds of adverse impact — detrimental.with the Formation of opinions must occur in favor of nature, not civilization.zpv Difference of opinion between people — is softened by mutual respect.ZD Views on the world and what is happening are — as we see them.d On the formation of opinions very strongly affected by upbringing.d On the formation of opinion is influenced by media, Internet, books…and the views of a man manifests, by word and deed.p When forming opinions should not seek to take the position of the majority — it is necessary to listen to your heart and mind.PSD the more different opinions people have, the more complicated their relationship.as a society and the state should care about forming proper opinions from people.z the Change of opinion interferes with the habit.ZD From the opinions of the image depends on a person’s life.s Confusion and the fallacy of the opinions introduces a lie.s the Best part of forming opinions thinking.and dissenting opinions is dangerous.s From the similarity of views depends largely on the people’s understanding of each other.ZD Through the change of opinions a person can influence his character and behavior.SN the views of the person should be between a consonant.zpv Than raznosherstnaya and contradictory opinions of the members of the society — vzryvoopasnoe the situation there worse relationship and understanding among its members.the PL Than man more lazy in thinking — the more hasty in the choice of opinions.LP Unanimity often indifferent.p Own opinions more convincing.p We often compromise our views to meet the needs.n’t be Afraid of contrary opinions to himself.in Contrast to opinions in the man destroys his world and clouding the mind.VZP Some people are constantly changing in relation to one and the same. Moreover, these opinions are often the opposite. Over time, they are completely confused. We can assume that they do any of their own sight don’t have and can’t have. People without opinion cannot be right, so these people are living wrong, making a lot of mistakes. Don’t straighten this situation, they have one solution — to find in the life of a guide dog, better family member, and blindly to obey him.PZ Inconsistency should be eliminated, starting with the most simple of concepts, stopping the communication with the liars and the muddle, eliminating the contact with information about higher matters.New views — other people.PZ On his own opinion in the first place needs to be influenced through thinking.PZ Views imposed from the outside, less clear and close they can contain the nature of cheating.d many people most fertile ground for the birth of the opinions is a benefit.d Only opinions, born on the basis of equity and high morality have the right to life.s On the education and formation of the views of children a great impact in the case, which involved parents.s Opinions are often required sympathy and desire.p Custom views can lead to loneliness.s Opinion lies blur.p In the refutation of the opinions of calm, tact, restraint is more important than arguments.and People who perceive things differently — people feel stupid myself.p People must not fully get rid of children’s opinions — sometimes more accurate and close to nature.d the Positive reviews — the way to happiness.CPV Opinion — affect the character.p Wrong opinions make it difficult to see the truth.with don’t let your opinions — to determine the truth, they can be used in the difficulty of choosing the direction of search.p To public opinions to listen — but don’t blindly believe them.p it is Hardly possible to convince someone in opinion — which he is not sure.and most of the General views share the idea.but it is Foolish to have opinions out of habit.in a knowledgeable person’s opinions correct.and Erroneous opinions can grow on coincidences and accidents.and Some people tend to only distinctive opinions.the Man remains nothing how to have opinions on the tip on the knowledge of what he has not, or that he is unable to comprehend.d higher opinion about yourself and less about others, the people vysokomerna.p the Subordination of the majority must not incite a person to also agree with his opinion.s the majority Opinion is not always true.and the Law — the majority opinion.and People often dispute the truth because their opinion ima Stupid imposes someone else’s opinion — giving his own, the wisdom of waiting when her advice will be in demand.p We often do not agree with the opinion, to which came the day before.p split opinion — worse than wrong.p Opinion about yourself should be worse than the opinion of people.PL Unanimous opinion is the easiest to get from indifferent.p Own opinions more convincing.p it is Necessary to periodically re-evaluate their opinions.s Each person determines opinion. After it is adjusted to the position ready.s Opinion is largely due to sympathy.zdpv Difficult to establish the correct view — not having the knowledge base.z setting the correct opinion — contribute to the intelligence and discretion.and Sometimes the opinion of a person takes a memory surfaced.s Even wrong opinions are valuable — it focuses on the subject, contributes to its study.to the opinion of the great is perceived as truth.Yu Public opinion comes up with one person.Yu No such an opinion on which would not be affected by others.th Main thing that Your opinion is not out of fashion.u If our opinions do not agree — we prove agree — we start to doubt him.Yu the more the view is enhanced by desire, so it is an indisputable and correct.th General opinion formed from many different.second Opinion is not necessary to explain — emerge Your stupidity.Yu Opinion it is only necessary to make — to defend not enough life.Yu people’s Opinions about you are their only concerns.Yu because of the opinion we are losing our friends.th opinion of the Prosecutor — no doubt.Yu the great luxury.Yu to hear a good opinion — it is necessary to die.th the Abundance of opinion — the danger to the psyche.u Interested in the opinion of the morning — in the evening it may not be.th There is nothing more foolish than to prove the truth of his opinion to the chief.Yu Undisputed opinion only comes from the boss.Yu Man tries to have such an opinion to him, no one could agree — that it did not belong to others.th To view with the guarantee remains yours — it must be hidden.Yur With someone else’s opinion to agree easier, than with her — lying to yourself is harder.th Person does not change his mind after death.Yu the Ordinary man to learn how about it has changed public opinion enough to go out into the yard.th the views of the fanatic is incorruptible.Yu Nature in contrast to civilization no one knows what opinion — she only cares about reproduction.Yu it will be Easier to get rid of conventional wisdom — by making them common.Yu Everyone is entitled to their opinion — but people have a right to pass it on deaf ears.Yu the Right to an opinion does not protect from trouble.Yu Inflated opinion of yourself money.Yu Unusual opinions more often from stupidity rather than of genius.

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