Otar Kushanashvili. Meladze sang with the Leps

Meladze – refined Leps – dressed in rags, he is a dreamer, DJ – albeit with a big heart, but a pragmatist; while he thinking about Leps rush unarmed into a tank (and the tank is gone!). Both, however, reflectors boys…And both are the strongest for today the songstress in the country, both of you. Each, however, on their stylistic territory ruled. VM – dandy a La Bryan ferry, GL – sophisticated bully, sometimes awkward, like a teenager, sometimes furious, as a mad gangster.But both say the same, have every reason to walk with your head held high, because he and the other if not a universal, European caliber artists.And here they came together, literally, sang, built, without a doubt, outstanding play “Turn around”, full of grave and bright thoughts. Who heard her and who will hear (and not hear), he understands (you understand) that I’m not just figurista expressed.Of course, I’m haunted by the thought about the difference between fans of the two masters.Leps in the former duet (he sang already Piekha, Allegrova, Rastorgueva) discovered their inability to be in line, stand in it – not upright, about this there can be no speech, just to be in it, he is the greatest egoist, while excessively eccentric.He wants to be solo, he wants to be alone, he is confused when he needs to be collective. The problem GL duets in the excessive breadth of nature and over-the-top of decibelios.VM is thinner, it is this subtlety takes. He’s comfortable and uny, and solo.Me about the artistic nature knows more about the anatomy of the penguins, therefore I assure you that any such Alliance essence is also a competition. What would roulades members of the Alliance to each other or sing.VM in the race won.But! But somehow won the song: this “Turn around” mourning dispels thoughts about our music. It proves that the gunpowder is there, its a bit, but it’s there, and whoever you were – dudes like GL, or dandy, as a VM, you’ll have this song to listen to.And to turn around.

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