Paris Hilton threw a party in Cannes

At a party in honor of the birthday of Ellen von Unwerth at the Cannes film festival, Paris Hilton once again proved that knows how to have fun.

Cannes film festival has long been a place of the most fun parties for celebrities. This year before the opening of the festival Director

Sacha Baron Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen) arranged on the boat brawl

ex-girlfriend of George Clooney (George Clooney) Elizabet Canalis. Took the baton

British comedian Keith lemon (Keith Lemon), next to the pool showed bare ass

right in front of dozens of photographers. In comparison with these people conduct

Paris Hilton

(Paris Hilton) at the party, Ellen von Unwerth was perfect.

Famous blonde first long primping and painted her lips with gloss, and then decided to spectulate yourself on mobile. Paris Hilton refused alcoholic drinks and with pleasure posed for photographers. Later it was joined by sister Nicky Hilton. Paris Hilton saw a small motorcycle, could not resist and tried to get behind the wheel.

Recently Paris Hilton has disappeared from the screens and magazine covers, so her fame avid party girl clearly faded.

Hilton even became jealous of Kim Kardashian

(Kim Kardashian), which attracts more and more attention to the person.

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