Participant of “the Bachelor” will get married soon

Volgogradka Maria Gurieva, which rejected the protagonist of the fourth season of the popular show “the Bachelor,” Alexei Vorobyov, believes that her personal life will improve. At least, it says the sign.

Maria Gurieva, which rotor know to participate in the show “the Bachelor”, may soon walk down the aisle. The girl who failed to Woo Alexei Vorobyov, believes that her wedding is not far off. This is also evidenced by a well-known sign.

The fact that the day before Mary was a guest at the ceremony one of her friends. And when the end of the evening the bride according to the tradition was to throw your bouquet in the company of unmarried girls, then caught him Maria Gurieva.

“Ran to the wedding, after Paris, and then the bride’s bouquet right in the head, – said Guriev in the microblog. Now you need to survive, to experience, to realize happiness. The bride’s bouquet to me. Why? Maybe so?”

It is obvious that this reversal of fortune contestant on “the Bachelor” was not ready. However, Maria has time to look around and by the time that happens fateful meeting, be ready for a new relationship.

It is worth noting that at the wedding of a friend Guriev was dressed as if she is the bride. The media personality opted for a white celebration dress, and her head was adorned with a white rose. So some of the followers of Mary, seeing her photo in the microblog, has decided that we are talking about her wedding.

“I thought she married has popped up. Nice and beautiful girl no hurry. So you do not disperse,” wrote one of the fans Gurieva.

We will remind, Maria Gurieva after she was kicked off the show “the Bachelor”, became depressed and went to heal the wounds in Italy. Immediately after this inspiring journey Guriev visited London, and then Paris. The day before she returned to the capital, full of strength and energy, and as a super prize for the resulting negative emotions on the project “the Bachelor” also got the bride’s bouquet.

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