Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva: the secret to a perfect relationship

Our countryman and his wife revealed the secret of strong families.

What Union star Penzance and ex-gymnasts will be long, aroused doubts among many. But in vain! They have been together for over 4 years, raising a son, three – year Robert and daughter – year-old Sofia. On their pages to Instagram a lot of pictures, saying that their love is mutual and sincere.

More recently, they became winners in the nomination “the Couple of the year” by one of the glossy magazines. In their Instagram accounts, the pair thanked everyone who voted for them, and Paul Will dedicated their joint victory with Rosie all loving couples. This is their first such nomination. The victory was for the young people unexpected. Pavel Volya with his usual irony, commented on the victory: “How nice! Live live, doing nothing, and then give you a prize! Thank you!”.

Many of Paul and Laysan should learn: every man for himself a bright personality . Paul is one of the brightest rezedentov Comedy Club, writes songs, in films, Rosie – the face of one of the brands of clothes, host of “Dancing” on TNT. Each have many projects, but opportunities they spend time together, relax, hang out, work.

Recall that a year ago the star couple launched a joint project called “Willpower”. It includes two courses. “The Body”, dedicated to beauty and health. Responsible for it Rosie. “The Brain” is intended to teach the audience appropriate language and to expand his knowledge in the field of etiquette. This original course of Paul.

About my personal life celebrity couple does not like to dwell, merely notes that both of them appreciate what gave them fate.

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