Pearls. Medication from the shell?

The rich nobles were drinking wine from the mother-of-pearl bowls or glasses with on-in a pearl. They believed that the way to protect yourself from the poison. Used pearls in the treatment of mental disorders, according to the healers, he protected their owners from evil spirits and extended their life. Of powdered river pearls made for white people believed that this stone prolongs life and helps the girls stay longer beautiful. Say the one who wears pearls on her neck, unlucky in love and family life.

Today, pearls is popular. In Japan, for example, the powder of it, contains a unique calcium complex, is sold in all pharmacies. Almost half of all pearls, which in their qualities are not satisfies jewelers use in South-East and South-West Asia for making various medicines. Very popular creams and mask with pearl extract, which tighten the skin and allow even the Mature ladies look much younger than their years.

Pearls have long been grown in special conditions: injected into the shell of a grain of sand, put them in large baskets, dipped to a depth of from 2 to 6 meters into the warm water of the southern seas, closed or heated water and 3-4 years collecting “harvest”. Similarly today receive 95% of the pearls, and it can not be artificial — it is created in nature and retains all the natural properties, including medicinal and cosmetic.

Wear a pearl necklace on special occasions? It is much more useful to you, when illness forced to stay home. The idea of lying in bed with a thermometer under the arm and in jewelry may seem wild at first glance! Eastern medicine recommends pearl extract as a mineral Supplement for those who want a young look as well as for weight reduction, against high acidity of gastric juice, to improve liver function and as a sedative. In India, recommended as a tonic during the day to drink water that night were several small pearls. It is even considered that such water regulates the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Cosmetologists add pearl powder in the composition, giving the body the pearlescent shimmer shampoos and balsams for hair, nail, strengthens nails, deodorants for skin care. The whiteness and tenderness of pearls, as if by magic, sent the skin, making it be shining. The whole merit of the organic substance conchiolin, sometimes called protein pearls. Conchiolin has antioxidant properties, protects skin from UV rays, regulates the pH level and activates cells. In all, the pearl powder found 22 types of amino acids, including methionine, glutamic acid, glycine, alanine, aspartic acid, and 18 trace elements, and vitamins D and group B.

Modern experts have developed recommendations for the use of pearls in various diseases:

You have a migraine?Apply to the forehead pearl beads: 5-10 minutes you will feel better!Wear all your pearls are not taking off until the temperature drops.Started otitis media?Be sure to adorn the ears of pearl earrings.Overdose, as beads, a necklace of big pearls or beads roll between the two hands is a great way to relieve stress!Feel pain?Slip into a finger ring with pearl stone and massage the painful area in a clockwise direction.Suffer from insomnia?Rhythmically swing folded in half string of pearls, watching her eyes for the pendulum movements — and after a couple of minutes my eyes start to stick together.

Medicinal properties of pearls inexhaustible: use it only as a decoration, having health problems, it is like wearing a bracelet out of headache pills and complaining that she did not pass.

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