Pope Benedict XVI in his last Sunday sermon at the new explained the reason for his denial

On 24 February, Benedict XVI delivered his last Sunday sermonIn his sermon, the Roman Pontiff said that he will continue to serve God, but“more appropriate for his age and strength way”. The head of the Roman Catholic Church said that ends the papal service due to the fact that he“called on the Lord”

On St. Peter’s square for the Sunday sermon the head of the Roman Catholic Church gathered thousands of people. Pilgrims arrived from all over the world.

Benedict XVIin his last public speech as head of all Catholics declared that his abdication from the throne does not mean the rejection of the Church. In the opinion of the Roman Pontiff, God calls him“to climb the mountain to devote himself to prayer and meditation”

It should be noted that the Italian authorities took unprecedented security measures before the last Sunday sermon of the Pope. In the Vatican were sent to about two thousand law enforcement officers and over three hundred representatives of service of Civil defence of Italy, and on the roofs of the neighbouring building, its position was taken by the snipers-special forces.

Recall that Benedict XVI came to the throne in April 2005 after the death of John Paul II, and announced his resignation as head of the Roman Catholic Church on 11 February 2013 (read more here). His resignation the Pope is German is explained by the age and the shortage of forces for such an important and responsible service.

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