Possible Liberty, Equality and Fraternity? Part 2

About a quarter of the videos shows what Americans are good. However, the lion’s share of such paintings is a Christmas fairy or a fairy tale about Cinderella. Another quarter of the films are about how the hero is American and emancipated blonde save the world. And how! Only Americans can save the world! They glavnyuki! And tellingly, the world saves the hero alone, and the blonde only confused under his feet, well, sometimes deals with him you know what it is, but in the end serve him the main prize.

But the most interesting is contained in the rest half of the movies. Positive hero “framed” firm or the state (that is, they did not fulfill the contract, the condition of the transaction). And he shot down everyone who was able, and taking with him a briefcase with a million dollars, runs away somewhere for Mexican or canadian border. It is clear that his conscience has nothing to do with it, and honor in what he did. This is the “Western values”based on “liberty, equality and fraternity”. Well, if along the way someone innocent got, we just need time to say or chant “I am sorry”.

In “the universal Declaration of human rights” (UN) written:“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”. Ah, if that were the case! If from birth, all people possess these excellent properties and qualities, and his entire rest of life carried out it all into practice! Well, freedom and equality of newborn babies depend on their parents. And more or less an adult man has only freedom — the freedom to choose their path, but he is forced to consider laws and regulations in force in society and in nature.

In any human society, freedom of any person inevitably limited by the interests and actions of other people, and the scope of this freedom are set by contract between members of society. And if a person violates these limits, he will begin a serious problem (for example, if someone wants in a public place to drink vodka, you can get into detox, with all the ensuing problems). So the violator of the established framework have the freedom of choice to move to another company, or to tolerate restrictions and penalties, bitterly lamenting his unhappy fate.

Therefore, it is much better to practice the principle, who is credited with many philosophers, but do not like the liberalists: “Freedom is cognized necessity”. And the people says: “do Not spit against the wind, and his eyes will be.”

It doesn’t take much reasoning to understand that in the real human society of equity originally can not be. All human beings are born and live in different families, studying in different schools, have different mental and physical abilities. And the attempt to declare them equal will immediately lead to injustice: the moron will be able to demand that his appointed chief, the athlete asked to be declared the winner because he came last; a bummer wants to pay him no less hard-working;etc.

Therefore it is more fair than equality, Apri equal opportunities for its implementation. This does not negate assistance to the sick, weak, old, low paid, etc., but true for those who are best able to exercise their rights.

And finally, the key question about the brotherhood. What is the brotherhood? In our opinion, this view of human behavior that bring benefits and profits not himself, but the people around him. The brotherhood can be expressed in many behaviors such as: “help your neighbor”. “Live and let live”. “Do not do to others what yourself do not desire.” “Sam dies, and friend help me out”. Etc.

Even the most cursory and superficial acquaintance with such models helps to understand why the documents Western obschechelovekov not defined the concept of “brotherhood”. Well as a Westerner can understand, unselfishly giving anything to his neighbor (well just!), he lost and gained? Not accidentally the concept of “brotherhood” there replaced by the term “”, in many definitions, which underlines that helping people is at a loss, that is, suffering is necessarily, of a religious nature, with a hint of the future damages of material gain, spiritual.

Other business — Russia, where simple, ordinary people responsive to someone else’s misfortune, ready to help, to share all that they have. This is especially noticeable in small towns and villages, where life itself is contrary to the sermons of our Pro-Western obschechelovekov. That is why the party of Gaidar, Chubais, Nemtsov, Kasparov and others like them will never (never!) will not win elections: Russians remember well, what liberty and equality, these people gave us.

Have you noticed, dear readers, is that they never say that about the brotherhood, but even about altruism. Not saying that because you help your neighbor they believe is harmful! We got stuck in the manure, and you’re on your own — you’re free and equal! And that’s why we vote in elections not because of their false Trinity, and for the, “For the people and the Fatherland!” (although understand that this, too, for the most part, a Scam; how he sang the unforgettable Vladimir Semyonitch, “Let the big changes ahead, I’m still not in love!”).

In conclusion, I would like to recall the motto: “Rescue of drowning — the handiwork of drowning!” No, the most beautiful, beautiful, the President or the Prime Minister will not help us if we will sit with an outstretched hand and wait until they give us something to give. We have to help ourselves. And let’s not forget the small, orphaned, sick, etc.I wish you Health, luck and success!

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