Prepare the seedlings in the fall: how to choose

Next year’s harvest, the beauty of your flower garden next summer depends largely on the quality of those plants that you buy today. So, choose seedlings.

For garden

Fruit, berry and ornamental plants can be sold with open and closed root system. Seedlings of currant and gooseberry 1-2 years of age must have at least 3-5 skeletal roots to 15-20 cm in length, lignified, and a well-developed fibrous system. The aboveground part may consist of 3-4 shoots with a length of 20-40 cm, running from the base.Wood live roots pure white, dry and sick – yellowish-gray, dead brown or black. With the exception of barbarity, their live wood on the roots bright yellow.Checking seedlings with closed root system, try with the permission of the seller carefully remove the container. If earthen braided roots – all good. The earth is showered with coma – so the plant is newly transplanted. If you buy a seedling in the fall, plants are not scary. So you’re just trying to sell it more expensive. But if such manipulations you faced in the summer, the plant likely will not survive. Pay attention to the leaves – they should be elastic, deprivatsii.When transporting seedlings, the roots need to wrap a wet cloth, and from above put on a polyethylene film.

For the flower garden

In stores and garden centers bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, flowers Packed in transparent bags with wood shavings or peat. On the label – a picture of a flower and a description of the variety. To determine at a glance whether the picture content is impossible. So buy materials for planting only in safe places.Markets and fairs planting material is often sold in bulk. Buy this product if you are sure that the seller is engaged in the cultivation of flowers is professionally and has established itself as a reliable supplier.Choose bulbs with no blemishes, cuts, putrid smell. Before planting, etch them in a solution of fungicide or potassium permanganate. This will prevent the development of diseases. Buy rhizomes flowers only with healthy, strong roots and always with a small sprout.

If you are a novice gardener, do not try to buy expensive new varieties and exotic species. Practice on proven, well-established plants. If it goes, then the next year the collection will be expanded. When buying Lily bulbs, look on the label to which hybrid group they belong to. In regions with temperate climates, good winter Asiatic and LA hybrids. East and tubular lilies can be planted, but they require special care. Among the other bulbs easy to grow as tulips and crocuses, a little capricious – daffodils, ornamental onions, grouse, and for the cultivation of hyacinths is better to take experienced gardeners.

And remember.

Too low a price for high-quality specimens and rare species of flowers to guard. When seedlings are offered three to four times cheaper, it means you are trying to slip poddelki

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