Recipe: Mousse of cauliflower and green peas

What I take

Green peas – 500 g

Cabbage – 300 g

Egg – 1 PC.

Butter – 60 g

Lemon – 1/4 PCs.

Parmesan – 60-80 g

Olive oil, salt, pepper

How to cook

Peas pour boiling water, salt, add a tablespoon of butter and blanchere on slow fire 5-7 minutes. Once the peas are soft, remove from heat. Drain off water, but not poured, it is useful to us. Save half a Cup of peas. The rest blend it until puree consistency. If puree is thick, add the pea broth.

Take an egg, separate the white from the yolk. Whisk the egg yolks together with butter (40 g). A protein shake with a pinch of salt and juice of a quarter lemon to a thick foam. Protein needs to be whipped in a clean container as clean whisk. Otherwise it will not work.

In the cooled pea puree add the whole peas, and then enter the egg yolk and carefully mix up a protein. Pour puree into shape. And on top put the florets of cauliflower.

Spray the mousse on top with olive oil and RUB it on the Parmesan.

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