Recipes: Hodgepodge for villager

You will need:

Beef – 300 g

Smoked – 300 g

Kidneys – 350 g

Onion – 500 g

Cucumbers – 300 g

Tomato puree – 120 g

Capers – 120 g

Olives – 150 g

Lemon – 1 PC.

Salt, sugar, pepper, Bay leaf

It is worth noting for foodies, food bag, you’ll never meet a potato. In this soup, lots of meat, onions and pickles.

Meat set for soups: smoked meat (sausage, bacon), beef kidney, beef or veal. The buds are steeped several times. Do it in advance. Then boil, changing the water twice. The kidneys are not supposed to stink. Cook them, we cut the buds into strips. Veal pour cold water and put on fire. Cook the broth: pour the first water after boiling, pour the new, remove the foam, add salt. Boiled meat out and cut into strips. Drop back into the broth, put there buds and sliced meats. Put on a small fire.

Pickled cucumbers with tough skins and Mature seeds are cleaned from the skin and seeds. If the cucumbers with a thin skin, cut into slices or diamonds with the skins and seeds. Sliced cucumbers, fill with cold water and pripuskaet on fire. Stewed cucumbers added to the broth. Cut onion into strips and saute in olive oil. Then add to it tomato puree. To mash the bread, throw into the pan a little broth.

The browned vegetables add to the broth. Next, bring the stew to mind, adding capers, black olives, pitted (get rid of the bones yourself, do not buy olives without stones). Pepper soup and add the Bay leaves. Try a bag of salt. If necessary, add salt. If sour, add a spoonful of sugar. If acid is not enough, add cucumber pickle. At the end of cooking the soup is a lemon, peeled and cut into slices. From the finished soup can be caught a Bay leaf, it gives an unpleasant bitterness if long swims in the soup.

Hodgepodge served with greens, slice of lemon and a couple of whole black olives and sour cream.

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