“Red Energy”: favorable tariff

Free to love, free to conquer the Internet and to share their music with renewed youth tariff Red from MTS You can experience unlimited mobile freedom. What does it mean? And the fact that September is in Your hands will be a powerful Arsenal of ideas to unlimited freedom of expression!

For the first time in the Russian market MTS is the rate, the distinguishing feature of which is the ability to use special options for unlimited communication, based on Your individual needs. On the one hand, You can install unlimited use of calls, SMS or Internet, and with another – to set the time period for which You require unlimited options with a duration from one day.

The main advantage of the fare – low cost calls to subscribers of all mobile operators of “home” region to 2.20 rubles per minute and SMS messages to the mobile phone the “home” region and to subscribers of “MTS Russia”– 1.5 rubles per message.

Also, subscribers can connect the following unlimited options: “Unlimited calls”, “Unlimited SMS” and the service “Unlimited Internet night”.

All new subscribers of MTS that connect to the tariff “RED Energy” until March 1, 2010, receive a free download of one music album of any popular artist on the portal Omlet.ru by going on a special promotions page on the portal.

The cost of the tariff “RED Energy” for subscribers of Moscow and Moscow region – 250 rubles.

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