Russia has prepared a request for the issuance of a suburban Prosecutor Alexander Ignatenko

NEWS. The General Prosecutor’s office prepared all documents for referral Poland extradition request to the Russian side of the former first Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow region Alexander Ignatenko.Documents are prepared in strict accordance with the European Convention on extradition of 1957, international treaties and the criminal procedure legislation of the Russian Federation.

Former first Deputy Prosecutor of the Moscow region Ignatenko is the case of the network of underground casinos in Moscow suburbs.Alexander Ignatenkohas been declared in the international search on “gambling business“, which caused a great public resonance. According to the investigation, businessmanIvan Nazarovorganized in 15 cities of the Moscow region network of underground casino.

Law enforcement bodies consider that to illegal business which brought revenue from $ 5 million to $ 10 million per month, were involved in a high-ranking prosecutors and interior Ministry.

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