Sergey Bezrukov told about his directorial failure

Sergey Bezrukov again starred in the role of the military. In the movie “In June 41-go” he got used to the image of the hero-the frontier guard, and now the actor plays scout in the tape with the intriguing title “the Hunt for crocodiles”. According to the producer, the film will focus on the Soviet spy film classics – “Dead season” Savva Kulish. The shooting took place in the snowy Taman division, where we managed to talk a bit with the actor.

– Any film about exploration – it’s always something new, – saysthe star of the show business, Sergey Bezrukov.– And this movie too. Because the material is unique, the script was written based on real events. Prototypes of the main characters have become legendary intelligence agents Anna Kamaeva and Mikhail Filonenko, who advised the creators of the film “Seventeen moments of spring”. Our tape will sufficiently truthful. This is not just a beautiful picture, where everything explodes and agent 007 on a mission. This is not some James bond! Let’s wait for the completion of the work, then we can talk more.

– Are you satisfied with your partner?

Partners here are good, I am very pleased. Julia (Yulia Peresild. – ) good, honest actress. We have worked together.

– You are close to a military theme?

In Soviet childhood we used to play with friends in scouts. So to me the word “scout” is closer than “spy”. These people risked their lives for the good of the state. Here advises me man is a tremendous mind – a real scout. And now we have the concept of honor, homeland utterly vulgarized. People perceive these words as some kind of pathos. Patriotism disappears.

– In your opinion, due to the fact that they now show in the cinemas?

Now a strange situation in our film industry. Each film is like a razor to the throat! No serious movie for serious viewers. Directors are forced to pander to the present interests of the distributors. Therefore, everywhere entirely entertaining movies, brainless action and crude humor! Too much fun! Not tired? Serious people stopped going to cinemas. More tape in theaters no one is watching. Sometimes I hear: we do not have good actors and Directors. Not true! They are, and the operators are excellent. Film school is great. And films are deep, with meaning, but they are shown only at festivals. And in the car do not go. People have no opportunities to see them. You have to fight for inches of ribbon! The rental makes its own laws. Everything I could, stole what they could have earned on the painting and. Here’s the great Patriotic war have in the cinema. I want to ask: why did you kill viewers ‘ tastes?!

Outright confrontation occurs between filmmakers and distributors. So many filmmakers 500 times think before to take the picture. Why, if it still will not see? And how it can make money?

To the question about the failure of the film“Real fairy tale”, where he acted as Director and actor and took the role of Vasilisa wife Irina,Sergey Bezrukovreacted with restraint:

– The movie was good, but, unfortunately, has not justified itself financially. There was almost no advertising, there weren’t enough copies. Who will go on a little-known film, when there is “puss in boots”? But I do not despair.

We received many stunning reviews, many downloads on the Internet, where “leaked” “fairy Tale”. It Angers. Online piracy is a gang, mafia, barbarism! This must be hard to fight. However, it’s nice that interest in the tale is huge. According to those who watched this film touches. That should be a movie for kids with meaning. In fact, the situation is ambiguous. On the one hand, we won, on the other – have suffered financial losses…

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