Sergey Garmash was nicknamed “al Pacino”

In Minsk at the Studio “Belarusfilm” Garmash is a frequent guest: all series “Kamenskaya” were filmed here. But in the past the actor asked to be killed, as the role of Yuri Korotkov bored him to death.And starting work on the fifth part of the series, the producers relented. Korotkov left bored of the show very romantic and heroic: shielded from a bullet Nastya Kamensky.The funeral scene Korotkova filmed at the Minsk cemetery without Garmash.At this time, the actor was in a different cemetery in a different role, although all in the same place in Minsk.From the cemetery to the cemeterySergei Garmash took over the role in the film by Belarusian Director Dmitry Zaitsev “Flock” is quite unexpected for a film group.The script of the film (the Russian audience will see it too) is based on a personal tragedy Director. Many years ago, in the midst of the dashing 90’s, in Greece, his son died. Man shot dead bandits, which the young man was contacted in pursuit of easy money.Garmash plays the father of Daniel. What got him this role, the actor himself has not explained to us. But at the Studio a lot of the buzz was that it was too good was the fee paid to him for the shooting of “the Pack”. However, the Director is absolutely sure that is good not only fee, but also the script.Without the beard and mustachethe Whole set were delighted with how professionally works Garmash. However, for his temper, he still has got the nickname “al Pacino”. For example, Garmash and Director of the film “the Flock” looks like. And if, as planned, the actor has attached the beard and added gray hair, the resemblance would be almost absolute. But the actor neither beard nor hair to be removed not agreed.Say, as an experiment, half a head Garmash still bleached. And how to recognize the makeup was good: he began to look softer. But most Garmash this way categorically did not like. Had to return to whiskey dark colors. “You would order him perekolol,” whispered one dresser to another. “I offered, but he said, let it hanging.”It is clear that after these unsuccessful experiments with other offers work on the way to the actor did not fit.

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