Should you buy a car with low mileage?

And yesterday my friend convinced me to go with him when buying him a car. I do friends often use as a auto, which I, in truth, are not what they honestly and declare. So was and this time: “let’s Go” — “what will help?” — “There we will understand” — “come on”.

Well, there you go. Imagine my surprise when the next car show I saw it — sold me less than a month ago my dad’s car. However, at 80,000 rubles more expensive, and the mileage is 150,000 km, and 30000… But the buyer argued that taking the car to myself, a rogue.

— And the mileage is original? — ask the Manager of the salon, not submitting mind that some theme on this car.

— Of course! Our salon is not fundamentally engaged in the sale of cars with a dubious history and with twisted speedometers! he answered without even batting an eye.

— Yes, — I answered — but 30,000 km in 9 years of operation — that’s less than 3500 km in a year, that is at least 300 km in a month! Where it went then?

The story I heard, it was possible to record. There were a military pilot, who’ve been in Russia only 3-4 months a year and storing the car in a warm and ventilated aviation hangar, and the awarding of this pilot some kind of medal with the simultaneous results of the big prizes, and buying them a new car of a higher class then the previous car was not really needed…

— Yes, you look at the condition! — convinced me Manager. — Steering wheel not worn, interior like new, under the bonnet all shiny! I absolutely competently as a specialist say — these machines with twisted mileage just does not happen!

— Yes? — I continue to persist. — If the car is just well followed, the wheel was in an additional sheath, and the interior was dressed with the covers?

It doesn’t happen! It is impossible, technically, a car with a mileage of more than a hundred thousand to give for the car, traveling less than fifty dollars!

The salon managed to escape only after solemn promises to think over the purchase. I did not Manager to thwart their own awareness, painfully, the story of a military pilot like.

In General, I am sincerely convinced that the twist of the runs (as it’s euphemistically called — the adjustment of the speedometer) for all participants of this event should be shot for the bath. Or in prison to send, since I live in a legal state. But bath is still more effective.

Why? Seemingly harmless undertaking net marketing. Not quite. To reduce the actual mileage of the vehicle (motorcycle, scooter, tractor, etc.) when it is sold is, in fact, obvious fraud, right under the Criminal Code. Not only in Russia, the practice of initiation of criminal proceedings against the seller-the swindler, moreover, even if someone appears to the local police Department with such a statement, he simply laughed at, and after time will give the negative material. And, for example, in Germany for a similar offense can easily lose several thousand euros, and at relapse, and the freedom two years, three.

The fact that any mechanism has a certain resource — period “of life”, if you will. That is, if the manufacturer States that this engine in certain ideal conditions, can travel 300 thousand km, what you may do, but 600 000 km the motor will not work. And probably in our real world (the fuel of dubious quality, cold starts, etc.) it will ask for a bulkhead is closer to 200, 000 mileage. And it’s originally sewn in the price of the car. Both new and used.

That is twisting the speedometer, the attacker, in fact, stealing from you the money that you pay for already developed previously non-existent and the life of the car and its components. What is not a fraud?

But it must be noted that in Russia in the secondary car market with an honest mileage is almost none. Of course, if you don’t count cars sold directly by their owners, who decided to either just upgrade your fleet, or change the class of car. But such interesting offers swept many dealers and showrooms at the speed of light. For example, the first call from the buyer mentioned in the beginning of the article car I came in 7 minutes after the publication of the advertisement.

So if you decide to buy the car, already familiar with real life, not new (and I still am a supporter of the acquisition of new machines and slightly used, but it is the subject of a separate article), then I advise you to listen to the following recommendations:

When looking for a car do not waste time on suggestions of salons. There you your car happiness still can not find, what can be said about potential problems.

Ignore dealers. When the base machine make sure that before you the person inscribed in PTS (the Passport of the Vehicle) as its owner.

Ideally, look for a car sold by its first and only owner. It may be a little more expensive than the average values, believe me — it’s worth it.

Look carefully at the seller and PTS. Roguish type with a duplicate of the PTSA with the tale that, well, he is the first and only owner of the car, and the original PTSA accidentally ate rat should have a desire to start in the opposite side of it.

If you have decided to take the car to order from abroad, it is worth to do in one case — you, personally go there, choose the car, and the transportation and customs clearance trust specialized company or person. Just keep in mind that this option will be more expensive and makes sense only in relation to rare and unique equipment.

There are still a bunch of problems with collateral cars, krivolineinye (the word ugly, but the bottom line displays), the twins, designers and so forth, but following the above rules, in principle, allows to minimize these risks.

All of the above applies not only to cars but also motorcycles, scooters, tractors, trailers and other things, referred to as the Vehicle.

Now I put on sale my car with mileage of 85000 km. I Wonder how the reading of the speedometer I will be able to meet her after the sale? 10000? Condition perfect…

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