Sienna Miller

In new York a respectable family of successful financier and model originally from South Africa 28 December 1981 saw the release of the second child – the future model, business woman, Hollywood star Sienna Miller.

The Biography Of Sienna Miller

Soon, when the child was six years old, Chet Miller divorced. Father Edward Miller remained in new York and married again, but failed. Another hobby womanizer, also ended in divorce. And mother Josephine Miller, taking with him a younger Sienna, and eldest daughter, Savannah, moved to Britain. In England, the youngest Miller, whose name in the English version – Sienna Rose Miller, enrolled in a special school for girls, located in a small provincial town of Ascot, in Berkshire.

Training in a specialized school, like being in the country of fogs and rains that continued until the 18th birthday of a future celebrity. Classmates, remembering this period of life of the actress, describing her as a wayward teenager to indulge in a pair of triple-smoked cigarettes and other less subversive antics! Friendships Sienna wound up only with boys from neighbouring schools. However, at this age she’s starting to Wake up the talent – 16 years old teenage girl starts to work as model.

Fact! In the business model of the future Hollywood star joined in 1997, where he successfully worked for advertising international brands Prada, Vogue, Coca-Cola and other companies that produce clothes and food.

Noting 18th birthday, Sienna Miller returns to the town where I was born, and continues her studies at the Academy of arts. This place is noteworthy that even before the divorce acting school it was managed by her mother. And debut young actress already in 2001 in a cameo role in the movie “South Kensington”. Then followed a number of proposals – little work in the movie “Maximum speed” film about film “American Embassy.”

But the real success and popularity came to the actress with the yield on the screens in the 2002 TV series “Time to sleep”, shot by order Bi-bi-si.

From this point of cinematic acting career began to evolve rapidly. The year 2003 marked the launch of the detective series “keen Eddie”, where Sienna brilliantly played the role of Fiona Bickerton. In 2004, the actress was busy on two films – in the movie “layer cake” and the popular TV series “Handsome Alf”! Also noteworthy was the year 2005 when she made her debut on the stage of the Royal theatre in the play “As you like it”, the statement that was performed by David LAN in Shakespeare.

Fact! Contractual obligations, signed by the actress with the British company Pepe Jeans in 2005, allowed her to show their talents in creating clothing! Her brainchild – a line of denim clothing “2812”, the numbers denote the day and month of birth.

In the film biography “I seduced Andy Warhol” 2006, her partners on the filming area were made by Hayden Christensen and guy Pearce. The plot of the film tells about dramatic fate of the Muse of controversial artist Warhol Edie Sedgwick, played by Sienna Miller brilliant way!

Becoming the masters of auteur cinema, actress since 2007, starts to accept the proposal to show their talents in the tapes of a commercial nature.

And appear on the big screens, to the delight of many army fans, fantasy “Stardust,” where she was cast in the role of Victoria. And next year, perfectly plays the Central character in the film adventure genre “Camilla’s Honeymoon”, where her partner was James Franco. Critics do not skimp on the praise and unanimous in their statements about the talent of star magic charm and boundless talent lurking in her piercing eyes and a magical smile! More eloquently!

Personal life of Sienna Miller

The life of the actress outside the set – a series of stormy romances and high-profile breakups! In 2004 Sienna at the audition for the film “Handsome Alphas” meets with the British actor

Jude Law

. The infatuated Englishman for charming blonde leaving his wife and three children! However, a dizzying affair lasted only a year and a half. A similar story happened with one of the successor dynasties of the oil magnates.

The straw that broke the patience of the fans and admirers of actress, began her affair with Balthazar Getty – actor, known to the public for the TV series “Brothers and sisters”. Barely having time to meet his wife outside the hospital, in whose hands slept comfortably for the fourth child Getty, it was on the scandalous photos, and half-naked and in close proximity Miller! The result – the care of the family. The editors of the fan site, actress, indignant that such a behavior of idol, promised to close her Internet page. Film producers also began to work around the actress offers.

“Be merciful and do not judge me harshly,” says Sienna Miller in 2008, recognizing his impartial behavior. And he continues: “it So happened that I was fond of men, related by marriage, but the heart is impossible to give orders, right? I was wrong, and all realized! Sincerely repent and pray for forgiveness for what was the cause of unbearable pain! In conclusion I will add – my Balthazar decided to leave.” No sooner said than done. The prodigal family-oriented, the Getty has returned to confess to the family, and Miller alone spent nearly a year, while in 2009 again started a relationship with Jude law, which continued until February 2011.

In 2011-2015 Sienna was in the actual marriage with actor Tom Sturridge. The former couple has a daughter, Marlowe Sturridge, Attain Lang.

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