Soft drinks: 10 recipes from chefs

On a hot day there is nothing nicer soft drinks. Fruit smoothies, lemonades, punchy, flips and twists – despite the variety of refreshments, to prepare them at home will not be easy. Especially for Woman’s Day chef Maxim Kopylov has compiled a collection of recipes of the most delicious and refreshing soft drinks.

Melon (torpedo) – 50 g

Strawberry – 50 g

Rioba syrup “Strawberry” – 20 ml

Orange – 1 slice

All of the components placed in the blender with a small amount of ice, blend until smooth and pour into a glass. Garnish with orange slice.

Ginger ale

Ginger – 1.5 tbsp

Sugar – 1 Cup

Yeast (dry) – 1/4 tsp

Lemon (juice) – 1 PC.

Water – 2 l

Peel the ginger and grate on a fine grater. Place it in a large jar or bottle. Add the sugar, yeast, lemon juice and water. Close the lid and within a few minutes, shake well. Leave for two days at room temperature. Drain and cool.

If you do in plastic container, don’t forget to periodically lift the lid, releasing the gas. This ale as an ingredient can be used for your favorite beverage.

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