Sour smell in Moscow, explained the purification of waste SEAD

In Rosgidromettsentrom explained the origin of the smell of “rotten sauerkraut” in the capital.

As soobschaetsya “news”, the evening of 8 December, many Muscovites complained about the unpleasant sour smell, reminiscent of rotten sauerkraut.

Speaking on the radio”Says Moscow”, the chief of the situation centre of Roshydromet Yuri Varakin said that the origin of the odor in the capital can be linked with the cleaning rabotami on landfill of municipal solid waste (MSW) Nekrasovka SEAD.

According to the specialist, due to weak wind 8 December is all dug up when clearing the ground, “nailed to the ground”, and this was the source of the odor.

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