Sports betting. The size of a playing Bank.

Basically, it’s a simple question. But the answer to this simple question probably will not appeal to many. So …

As I briefly mentioned in my previous articles, one of the main characteristics used in sports betting to describe the success of a bettor (player) is ROI. I remember when I promised to dedicate the story about the ROI of a separate article later this article will be. Now just let me remind You that ROI (from the English. Return on Investment), also known as ROR (from the English. Rate of Return) is a financial ratio that illustrates profitability or unprofitability of the business, taking into consideration the money made in this business investment. ROI is usually expressed as a percentage, at least — in a fraction. This figure may also have the following names: the profit on invested capital, return on investment, return on investment, return on invested capital. (definition taken from the free encyclopedia Wikipedia®)

In betting the ROI is usually expressed as a percentage and taking over “And” the sum of all bets made by us for a period of time, and In the amount of us returned to the gaming account after bets formula calculate the Return on Investment will have a very simple view:

ROI = B / A *100%

Accordingly, the player sitting in the green ROI of more than 100% (or in the case of the ROI expressed in fraction, greater than 1) and not successful — losing player — ROI less than 100%.

We have already repeatedly considered ROI summing up another statistic under each dozen bets (see article Betting | Bet of the day. Intermediate results 3: +11=1-18 / 125,61% or Betting | Bet of the day. Interim results 2: +8=0-12 / 123,8%). The most graphically present the considered ROI can be more simple example related to the investment of money in the Bank. For example, You have $ 1000 and find a Bank that offers 8% return per year on our Deposit, that is the end of the year We get back is 1080 $. In this case, the ROI of the Bank, as a financial instrument which We use, will be 1080 $/1000 $*100%=108%.

Probably unpleasant news to You to hear that in the long run (a period of not less than 1 year) at the bookmaker ROI very successful player is 115% -120%. For example the world famous online betting Blogabet in automatic mode maintains statistics of all registered on betterof (registration is free and available to everyone). Consider this statistic, in part interested us the magnitude of the ROI.

For reasons of clarity, we proceed from the fact that You have become and currently is the most successful bettor of which I mentioned above and Your ROI in the long run is 120%. And let’s say You want to get a month from your sports betting the amount of $ 1,000. What is the size of the pot must You be? Using we have taken as values for the ROI, monthly profit and adopting a financial strategy by which the successful bettor plays like a strategy — game is a flat 1% to 5% (the lower the upper limit of the flat — the more reliable it is considered financial strategy; yet, just remember that Pro players never use in my game flat the upper limit of which exceeds 5%; most often in professional flat betting is used from 1% to 3%) calculate the value of the playing Bank. Thus, the monthly income of 1000 $ with ROI 120% – there is nothing like 20% of the desired value of the Bank of gaming bettor. That is, in this particular case, the size of the pot and the bettor will be 1000 $/20%*100%=5000 $ that this moment corresponds to the amount approximately equal to 150,000 rubles. “Seriously !!!, “Not enough !!!” — tell You. So after the player professional, for which the betting is the main way of earnings.

Recall that we considered above example uses the ROI is very good better. And in the case of just a “good” bettor? Let’s see. For example, a good bettor with ROI 110%, there is a real opportunity to monthly average daily income of 500 rubles, provided that the size of his bankroll equal to (500r*30дн.)/10%*100%=150000 rubles. As in the first example we got the same 150,000 rubles. But do not think that 150,000 rubles is a magic number. The coincidence in the two examples at random. but in principle, says only one — in a serious game and the Bank, but rather the value of a Bank must be serious.

In principle, there are some tricks. For example, nobody forces You to really have a Bank of 150,000 rubles, to obtain the above daily income. You can have half the specified amount, a third, a quarter and even a fifth. Why? See for yourself. As We have seen to get 1000 $ per month with ROI of 120% must have a Bank of 150,000 rubles. For example when You use this financial strategy — flat-from 1% to 5%, i.e. the maximum value of each of Your bets is (5% of 150000 rubles) — 7500 rubles. What is a real betting Bank You can have at the same time? Such that even in the case of the longest Luz-series, and in other words, if most of Your maximum drawdown on Your account still had money for the next 5% interest rate. Here already all depends on Your ability to control yourself at the time of the Luz series. As a rule, and You have seen, at an average rate of 5%, drawdown 15% -20%, though rare, but do happen. In this case, the required us value the pot will be the maximum value of the drawdown plus the average rate, that is, in the example, 20%+5%=25%. That’s it really having on the account at the bookmaker the amount of 25% of 150,000 rubles, that is, 37500 rubles, and at the same time as “very good” bettor with ROI of 120% and a maximum drawdown of 20% (if a pseudo-Bank of 150,000 rubles) and we can talk about the income 1000 $ in a month.

In the above examples, I think You will be able to calculate what the real monthly income with Your ROI, drawdown, and games Bank we can talk.

If You’re a novice player (bettor), then the only advice I want to give You after reading Your this article is not chasing a million — start small. Let Your Bank is not great — 500, 300 or even 100. Your goal should be learning the betting, statistics, expertise, and most importantly with all this — the preservation of your betting Bank, and only then, a year later, another game — profit. In betting — Your Bank — this is Your life: there are the pot — there is a real bettor, no Bank — no player. Do not risk it, take care of him and maybe then he will live long and will eventually grow into something big and thank You for caring about it 🙂

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