Spring water: choose a Cologne

Those who grew up in the Soviet Union, Cologne has always been associated with the words “Triple”, comes to mind the names “Sasha”, “Chypre”, “Flower” and “Carnation”. And the line from a simple song, where “Alain Delon does not drink Cologne”. “Triple” is known to be used inside, connoisseurs was also a very heady cocktail “Alexander III”, mixing it with “Sasha”. Aesthetes sipping the mixture through a sugar cube. Barbers and hairdressers anoint once cheeks customers Cologne. To remove the bristle men now prefer a home, completing the procedure moisturizing after shave balm. That is, in fact, this limited and our knowledge about the colognes. Meanwhile, badly discredited in the era of struggle for sobriety, today colognes regain its former popularity. And interest in him shows not only strong, but the weaker sex. Women also like light and fresh as a spring breeze, the scent of Cologne, which veiled the characteristic chords of citrus.

The first eau de Cologne appeared… when do you think? More than three centuries ago! In 1709, came from the Italian perfumer Giovanni Maria Farina, living in Cologne, Germany, has created a mixture of alcohol and oils of lemon, bergamot, orange, cedar, rosemary and lavender. This creature received the name — Eau de Cologne — “Cologne water”. In one of his letters, brother Farina wrote that its flavor is similar to a spring morning after a rain in his beloved Italy. There is also a version that the invention belongs not to Giovanni and his talented uncle, who gave the recipe to my nephew. Whatever it was, their triumphant March through Europe Cologne started from Cologne. At the time, the king of Prussia Frederick II even gave it as a gift to Catherine II. Voltaire wrote that “the Cologne water” brings inspiration, Goethe mentioned it in the famous tragedy “Faust”. French aristocrats generally poured themselves litres of Cologne. In the first place, to kill coming from many years unwashed body “Ambre”. Big fan of flavoured water was known as the mistress of Louis XV Madame du Barry. From the French not far behind, and the British — Giovanni Maria became the main supplier of Cologne at the court of Queen Victoria. By the way, dynasty Farina and today continues to produce the famous Cologne water. Her recipe, of course, are a closely guarded secret.

The modern name of Eau de Cologne means fragrance, which seventy per cent alcohol, and from two to five percent aromatic substances. So Cologne only one minus: it is unstable. That, however, does not detract from its merits.

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