Stop the propaganda! Support the petition “the Source” initiates the petition on the website for an end to the Kremlin TV propaganda against Ukraine and the USA.

Last week, Russian media enthusiastically trumpeted the call to the air of the British radio station. Listener demanded “to stop anti-Russian propaganda.” What are we in Russia clap ears? Let’s also demand to stop the propaganda against the whole world. initiates petition the website change.ohja termination Kremlin TV propaganda against Ukraine and the USA.

You can count on your fingers those countries to which Solovyov and Kiseleva Norcini daily, nightly and weekly excite the hatred of the audience. Especially zealously they try to Lynch in the air Ukraine from America. In the frame of “Putintsev”, “defenders of the junta” and “accomplices of terrorists” are ready to tear each other (and they regularly do), but behind the scenes… together peacefully drinking tea, talking and giving flowers. They are MPs, politicians, Directors of various foundations – and in fact they all have been turned into roving entertainers, which seems like a “karuselschikov” in the elections, buses transported from one Studio to another. Every day the same faces, same topics.

To make it quite clear that the soul of the average Russian, from the point of view of the Kremlin calculatorof, the pain is not about himself but only about Syria, Poroshenko and the tramp, enough to give the topic a talk show last week.

“Time will tell”(“the First channel”): “the Confrontation between Russia and US, Russia and Ukraine. Dialogue possible?”, “Russia and the West: together not to become?” “Ukraine and the Holocaust.”

“The meeting place”(NTV): “Boiling?” (Who incite the world to a new major war? And who wants to isolate Russia from the rest of the world?), “The method of political provocation?!” (This is advantageous to present Russia as the aggressor? Will Ukraine new Maidan? Who will lead the campaign against the Kiev junta?), “Favorite of the thugs the US?!” (Why is the us funding terrorists? Who cries the international Tribunal?)

“Right to vote”(“TV Center”): “Accusations without proof”, “the Syrian impasse”, “Ukraine: the price of peace”, “the shadow of the German unity”.

“60 minutes”(“Russia 1”), “Russia and the United States – all the agreements broken”, “the Phantom menace”.

In short, in Russia there is no life. Either it all is so that say there is nothing. Well, if by chance in a number of foreign policy programs will get stuck discussing their problems – the prohibition of abortion, a flu epidemic or closed “pornovista”. But these threads with the same “experts” by the middle of becoming the same political hue. Since we are not talking about “chain dogs” – the leading author and Analytics programs, which descended on the spectators on weekends. They give every appearance of reason itself, to attract, if the court really was the most fair court in the world.

“…We have too much propaganda. We are like sleepwalkers, marching to war,” said the Englishwoman. We can repeat her words. And at least try to do something. For example, moderately Sobesednik.Gina the website against Kremlin propaganda on TV. Let’s criticize other countries if they deserve it, but don’t hate them and especially not to do the extreme in their troubles. We are blinded by ingrained the TV of anger, do not want to notice the emphasis.

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