Strategic reserve: how long can you store food

Most products are cheaper when purchased in large packages. But before heading to the store, check what may lie on the shelves of edibles.

Field kitchen

Condensed milk

passes a special treatment, during which microorganisms are killed. But to expect that this product will last for years, not worth it. The shelf life of condensed milk is 12 months. And only at a temperature of from 0°C to +10°C. In the cold or in a hot place in the product formed sugar crystals.

Canned fish

to buy in the next ten years is not worth it. 24 – month maximum shelf life. Cod liver oil and salmon do not deteriorate the longest – up to 2.5 years, sprats, sardines – two years. The ideal storage temperature is 0 to +5C. That canned food is spoiled, according to odor, loose texture of fish, watery. Buying store canned goods, pay attention to packaging, it does not have to be mint and certainly rusty.

in cans can be stored up to four years, but only in the case when the packaging is sealed. To ensure that capacity is not breathable, difficult. Lower the jar in a bucket of water, press it. Seemed air bubbles – packing must not be stored. Should not be on the Bank and traces of corrosion. From contact with the air the metal will oxidize, this will lead to meat spoilage.

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