Swiss archaeologists have discovered the door, which is 5 thousand years

In the course of archaeological excavations in Zurich, was discovered an ancient door. According to the research participants, the age of the finds – a few thousand years. Surprisingly, the artifact has been preserved to our days.

The primitive objects of everyday life were located in areas designated for new underground Parking. According to news agencies, the door, likely to have been made around 3100 BC. Probably it was part of the housing of the ensemble. The remains of such structures often come across participants of the excavations, which operates near lakes at the foot of the Alps.

At the same place was found the silicon knife of the Neolithic age, flint and steel, bow hunting and details of the roof, which date back to the stone age. As the head of the excavations conducted by the archaeologist Niels Bleicher (Neils Bleicher), found the door is fairly “sturdy and elegant” with a damaged time-loops and “striking” method of bonding wooden planks together.

While Zurich researchers engaged in the painstaking study door, their colleagues from America are exploring the genes of prehistoric man. In ancient times the conditions of life were different, therefore, as scientists have found,

the tribes of ancient people did not suffer from cancer

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