Syndrome of emotional burnout

Every Monday you do not want to go to work? You are not tempted neither decent wages nor a cohesive team? The thought of the work bringing you down? According to psychologists, life in constant working stress is the main symptom of a dangerous disease – the syndrome of emotional burnout.

What is it?

Syndrome of emotional burnout called physicians decreased motivation and interest to work in particular and life in General. It can occur due to excessive load, the small stresses that occur during the working day, and normal working routine. This term was introduced by the famous American psychiatrist Freidenberg in 1974. Since then, doctors began to identify the syndrome of emotional burnout of hundreds of people. In our country this disease has started only at the end of the last century.

Who is subject to

Previously it was thought that this syndrome is more exposed to teachers, psychologists, salespeople, and doctors. Over time, the number of occupations has increased markedly. Now the emotional burnout syndrome is increasingly diagnosed waiters, managers, trade workers and artists. Constant noise, overcrowding, complaints management usually are the first bells of dangerous diseases.

The main symptoms of the syndrome is the feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, exhaustion and incessant bouts of depression. The first time we can not suspect about the illness. And in a bad mood be blamed on minor setbacks and excessive load. About the disease we are starting to guess when a bad mood turns into depression. To date, there are three main signs of burnout:

Feeling tired, not passing even after sleep. Often this is due to hard work, during which we forget about their interests and feelings.

Personal detachment. Prolonged stress leads to loss of interest. As a result, we no longer show emotions – both negative and positive.

The loss of motivation. Often occurs due to the lack of career growth. The result is a feeling of worthlessness and meaninglessness.

What to do?

At the first sign of illness psychologists advise to change your life. First alternate workloads with a good rest.

Learn again to have fun. In the moments when nothing pleases, we need to find those things that cause positive emotions. Rejoice the little things. Look at holiday pictures, go to a beauty salon, Solarium.

Be sure to talk with them heart to heart. Ask the question, “What would you like most?” Think about what you can do now to realize their dreams.

Look around – you are surrounded by a lot of interesting things. In the morning, when you go to work, observe nature. You must learn to enjoy the bright sun and blooming on the trees the buds, the birds singing. At this point, as the best way to help children. They emotionally react to any little thing. Take their example!

Don’t dwell on unpleasant things. On the contrary, try to escape from failures. No need to think about work in your free time. You have to understand: if you can’t solve the problem, be sure I’ll finish it tomorrow.

Rest on the weekend. Exactly as you want. Work is just a part of life. There are a lot of interesting things, of which you have forgotten. Go take the kids to the pizza place, look husband’s favorite movie, go shopping in the weekends try to do what pleases you.

American researchers have found that burnout leads to stop eating sweets, including chocolate. Contained in the sugar glucose gives the brain more energy, which is able to suppress a state of melancholy and depression caused by emotional burnout.

How to treat?

! Relieve emotional burnout helps herbal tea from lemon balm leaves. Two teaspoons of fresh leaves pour boiling water and close the lid. Let it brew the drink within five to ten minutes. Tea gives a soothing effect.

! Make a floral infusion. Prepare a mixture of three tablespoons of hawthorn flowers, three tablespoons herb motherwort and one tablespoon of chamomile flowers. One tablespoon of the mixture pour one Cup of boiling water and let brew for six hours. Take half a Cup in forty minutes after a meal.

! Helps the infusion of the roots of aralia. One part of crushed roots aralia pour five parts of 70% alcohol and let it brew. Take twice a day – morning and afternoon – at ten drops.

! Daily take special breathing exercises. Breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for two seconds and exhale for four seconds. Breathe in this rhythm for a minute. Then outlinei breath in and each breath after it. Try to find your own rhythm. Importantly, to breath and delay after it lengthened faster exhalation. For example, inhale during breathing exercises should increase five-fold, the latency is four, and exhale just two. That is, the breath should be 20 seconds, the delay is 16 seconds, exhale 8 seconds. Just remember: to increase the interval gradually.

So do the stars:

Singer Vika Tsyganova trying to regularly go to the sauna. It helps her be distracted from the work and mentally relax.

– After the bath you go out in that condition, as if newly born, says Tsyganov. – At this point you have no problems and troubles. This is a stunning recreation for the body. Treatments give necessary boost of vitality and energy for work.

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