Tanks not afraid of dirt!

No wonder last week, GQ has announced “Man of the year” Konstantin Ernst. The first channel did something that was beyond the power of others – to lure in a live Alla Pugacheva in the midst of the scandal between her daughter and ex-son-in-law Ruslan Baysarov. Talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” with Pugacheva, nastoyashiy caused a sensation at the Russian TV viewers.

Housewives of the country fell on Friday to their TV screens. Everyone was waiting for – what will they say Pugacheva? Diva spoke briskly. In expressions did not hesitate. “Tanks are not afraid of dirt!” is not the only of her sparkling sayings that night. Pugacheva said that helped him in business his connections. Together with Christine in detail highlighted the finally ancient history, when the mayor broke Orbakaite nose. Pugacheva has publicly admitted that as a penalty received from the Chechen apartment. “With the black sheep even a tuft of wool,” she said. Good piece, it should be noted – the apartment in Philippovsky lane area of 500 sq m!

A number of websites came the reply Baysarov: “According to Chechen traditions and laws, she can call me by any words, to say whatever he wants, do not hesitate in expressions, no anything. She’s my mother-in-law, my son’s grandmother, she is allowed everything. Of course, this is all very unexpected and, perhaps, a shame, but Allah has the right to do all this” “.

But it’s kinda neither made ex-brother-in-law Pugacheva, what would be a good word, pronounced amicable agreement about Denis is no smell. This story happened in another unexpected turn. Under the distribution were one of the active participants of the talk show. The social movements of the region appealed to the Chairman of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov with the request to consider the issue of deprivation of powers of the Duma Deputy, first Secretary of the Kemerovo regional Committee of the Communist party Nina Ostanina.

The Council of elders in the administration of the Kemerovo region, veterans of war, labour, Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies, “the Union of women of Kuzbas” United in righteous anger. They thought that a Communist she “made rude remarks about people’s idol and her family members” and ” live cynically argued that we have no laws.”

In fairness I want to give a piece of dialogue between Ostanina and Pugacheva.

The Deputy Ostanina: Alla… … it seems to me that the law is powerless in relation to your case. We can’t resort to act now. We have two laws. There is a Constitution and Family code. On the basis of these two laws we are talking about the fate of the child only if the marriage is registered. In this case it is civil marriage. And when the child was 10 years of age, has the right to decide the child. … In your situation, there are two questions. One legal question and the second question is moral. … When did you take from him as he said this a small fine, maybe this is the price for the grandson?

Pugacheva: – what’s your name?

The Deputy Ostanina – the Deputy of the Duma now. ..

Pugacheva: – I will answer you. Nina is your name? I look like a woman who doesn’t give gifts? … If we have such lawlessness, you say: there is no law, give grandson. Say it out loud.

The Deputy Ostanina: Alla, we have a lawlessness that only solves one who has a tight wallet. It really is so now.”

It is for the recognition of the activists of the Kuzbass and you want to get the honorable to justice. Basically, I never really sympathized with the Communist party, but in this case Ostanin want to support. First, what about the freedom of speech, ladies and gentlemen?! And secondly, really, someone who believes that a tight purse in our country ceased to be a weighty argument in the dispute resolution?! Well, well, I would like on such to look. At least in the program of Malakhov “Let speak”…

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