That is capable of chicken? Part 2

Began to visit the neighbors. Went as much as 4-5 cottages from us. Especially loved to go to visit an elderly couple. Sat with them on the porch, saying “for life”. If they tried to have a vegetable garden, was indignant. So I went digging in the beds they turn. One on the porch with Michelle, the other takes care of household Affairs. Treated him with something. But as you know “summer day feeds a year” especially not sit.

Using two sections of the grandmother shouted to me, so I took away the chatterbox. “Fyodor! Home!” — I called him. Fyodor like an obedient child ran home. Where bending down under the fences, where the hole in the fence — the route worked out. Ran, jumped in his basket, I thought, perhaps, that we were about to leave. Terribly offended, realizing that he had been deceived. Haven’t talked to us, sang songs, did not go to the pen. Muttered something under his breath. Defiantly began to mark the garden beds. Characteriz another one!

By the way, all neighbors on cottage called him chatterbox or blabbermouth. Talk anyone, and with such a straight face, as if broadcasting the at least the structure of the Universe and the destiny of all things in this world. And loved to listen without distractions, you can sometimes play along.

Fyodor grew quickly, gaining weight, broiler, and not a Sparrow some! Beautiful! White feathers, comb al, height and weight are impressive, be valiant! Felt not ditenka, and lad. And one night gave my husband an utter SCANDAL! With shouts, with insults, with fight, with psychomania and slamming of doors.

Going away from the country, as usual shouted — Fyodor home! Wait. No rooster. Again, shouted, waited. Is not. Went to find our alley. Shouted. Useless. And so for about 15-20 minutes. Angry. Never thought it may be someone to offend. Decided that we just went to explore other cottages. Back to the plot.

Fyodor! Began to shame him. Where can it take so long to walk? Why didn’t you come? Etcetc.What happened! I was in shock! This brainless chicken squeal on us like it’s all our fault. If you look from the side — in a madhouse an open day. Two adult voices raised quarrel with cock! Cock voice in different ways, beats us wings wants to pick a fight, bite our feet. Hurt runs away, then comes back and continues to fight.

Defiantly raced through the garden beds, raking, pulling out everything I could. Not reacting to our already protesting cries. Ducked under the fence and with quick steps went something Burch and outraged by human misunderstanding and injustice. Shocked, my husband was deeply. It must be beaten, insulted, spoiled beds this scallywag, which we nursed the whole family!

Sat, cooled off, calmed down, decided to wait for the kicker and together to go home. Wait-wait — no, is not. Had to leave without him. Where will sleep? The house should be closed. And barn with sports equipment, too. Flung open the toilet. The hole was then filled with cardboard, put something like a perch, to distribute the weed. With a heavy heart went home.

At home, after analyzing the situation, came to the conclusion — he probably thought we left him and went home. Therefore, and rolled such a scandal. Morning. Output. Child under his arm and ran to the country with all sorts of Goodies for Fedi. Came to the country with a sinking heart. Name: “Fyodor, Fedynich, mom, dad’s here!”. Running without a path. Violet him these garden-paths. The joy of meeting. We were forgiven.

To be continued.

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