That shortens the life of your car battery? Part 1

But there are factors beyond the control of the consumer, which directly affect the life expectancy of the battery. They are not so little. It is about them going right now. Just want to say that the device is lead-acid batteries for the past ten years has not undergone dramatic changes in design. They are a beautiful design that changed the chemical composition of the lattice plates, adjusted to the intricacies of the recipe of active mass of the plates, the plates of one of the characters in each jar wrapped with a separator in the form of an envelope.

Among other technical innovations, virtually all types of modern batteries possible repair: all six (three in the motorcycle) cans enclosed in a solid body, called the bar, on top of which is welded to the cover. Removal of the lid leads to irreversible loss of integrity, after which the battery must be replaced. So, good or bad, but from the “internal operations” to the consumer, leaving only the right measurement of the density of the electrolyte.

What affects the lifespan of your battery?

Perhaps most importantly: the battery nominal capacity to match your car. It is unacceptable to install the battery capacity is low for a car with a large engine, especially if it is still diesel. It should be remembered that the situation is aggravated by additional “mouths” that requires a power supply, installed in your car (climate control, etc.). Unwanted installation of high capacity battery into a small car.

In both cases, the mismatch parameters of the vehicle battery capacity operating modes result in a constant overcharge or undercharge the battery, which dramatically shorten life, gradually reducing its capacity by reducing the number of active mass in the plate. And if in the second case, the situation can be somehow corrected, periodically charging the battery with the special charger, to deal with the overcharging is very difficult.

How to choose a battery, the appropriate capacity for your car? This issue was settled long ago major manufacturers released catalogs with tables of correspondences produced by their batteries and cars of almost all intake brands in the world. If such a directory at the point of sale battery no, the when you buy tell the seller the main characteristics of your car. It will definitely help you to make the right choice.

Some batteries are equipped with charging indicator. In fact, the “magic eye” as it was dubbed by some manufacturers, is the simplest indicator of the level and density of electrolyte in one of the cans. Other banks remain “unattended”, and their condition can differ from the “big-eyed”. How to be in this situation?

There are multiple outputs. You can find and install on each of the cans suitable tube with a built-in indicator. Then your battery will become many-eyed. However, the apparent advantages (the possibility of instant control over the current density and electrolyte level), the installation of such holes will significantly hit the pockets of the ordinary consumer. Another easy solution could be the acquisition of a special hydrometer in the eyedropper, which allows to measure the density of the electrolyte alternately in each Bank.

On what should be the density of the electrolyte, as well as other subtleties, prolonging the life of your battery, it will bein the next article. And while I wish the luck on the roads will never leave you.

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