The 20 most romantic cats Samara: vote!

14 Feb all to celebrate the holiday for lovers. And our beloved Pets are not alien to the tenderness, romance and love. Woman’s Day has collected photos of the most romantic seals.

The most romantic pet version of Woman’s Day

To the editor of the magazine “Telesem” and site of Woman’s Day comes a huge number of letters from readers under the heading “my Beast”. And this time we decided to hold a contest for the most romantic pet!

The voting will last

until 24 February to 17:00

and the results will be announced on February 29.

Dear friends!

Our contest is over!

The winners are

cat Masyanya and her owner Tatyana Idrissov.

Masyanya receives a diploma and the title of “Most romantic cat version of Woman’s Day” and a fun toy while her mistress Tatiana – fashion magazine.

Waiting for you for the prizes

weekdays from 3 March (except holidays) from 10:00 to 17:00


Sadovaya street, 280, entrance 3, 3rd floor, office of “Telesem”.

Telephone for information:

Thank you all for participating!

Before you the most charming, attractive and sociable Siamese cat! This is our pet named Tishka. His character’s incredible blend of intelligence and loyalty of a dog with a cat’s pride and independence.

Family Zhaldak

This is our beloved cat Cleopatra. She’s three. She is very gentle and calm. We love her very much!

My girl Misha, waiting for her Prince!

Galina Kulikova

The vote on the last page!

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