The best day: Dibrovy christened son

On 1 August, on the eve of the Orthodox feast of the prophet Elijah, the couple Dubrovich dubbed the youngest son of Ilya. Recently baby turned two months. The sacrament was held in the main Church of the Donskoy monastery.

“The temple Dima himself chose – shared with Woman’s Day Pauline. — First, my husband don, and secondly there is a miraculous icon, donated by the Cossacks in the XV century. It is in her honor, the monastery was called the don. So we decided to baptize a child in such an important place.

The day of the christening has developed unusual: the weather is dictating its own rules. In the morning there was a heavy downpour, which lasted up to 12 hours. But before the actual sacrament in the sky the sun was shining, and the clouds as usual. During the chants sounded low voice of one of the choristers, and at this point came the thunder. Everyone involuntarily felt that we are in God’s place, because outside of the temple again played out the storm, the thunder rattled, on the iconostasis reflected the lightning. And when we went outside again the sun was shining and the sky was clouds. The mood of the weather, guests discussed the whole day.

During the baptism Ilya has behaved very well, didn’t cry. Only expressed dissatisfaction when it was dipped in cool water anyone will like it? Godparents were delighted with the behaviour of his son. The second parents of a baby became a close friend of Dima – people’s artist of Russia Yuri Rozum, pianist, and dear friend of mine, a friend’s mom Sasha.

Illia gave a lot of gifts: a silver box for first tooth, a spoon, a Cup and the measuring icon with a height of 52 see Such a piece written by the artist according to the growth of the child at birth with the image of the Saint, in whose honor the baptized baby.

The mystery I had long prepared, cut angels out of paper, baking cookies-angels, mother drew a poster made a wonderful “Napoleon” cake with berries. I wanted to spend the day in the fresh air, summer. But nature has made its corrections: all my notions, including stretched tulle, the night blew off. And at 6 am we had to carry everything into the house, otherwise I would have frozen – 1 August, it was 18 degrees!

In the end, Dima, I and all the guests were satisfied.”

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