The best rinks in the world.

Montenegro, the national Park “Durmitor”national Park “Durmitor”, created in 1952, includes the massif of Durmitor, with canyons of the rivers Tara, Draga and sušice, as well as the upper part of the plateau Komarnica. Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Here is the town of Zabljak, near Black lake, one of the 18 glacial waters of the national Park. Surprisingly, only a couple of years ago, the Montenegrin authorities have the sense to organize on a frozen lake skating rink. Now all 516 thousand square meters given to the fans to slide on skates.

Austria, lake Weissensee,the Weissensee Lake, which is located in Carinthia, the largest ice valley of Europe. Square six and a half square kilometers are available all the sports on skates. To ride on a thick 40-inch of ice is possible from mid-December to March. At the end of January there is a traditional Dutch 50-kilometer marathon, which is going on more than five thousand guests. Before the competition was held in the Netherlands, but ten years ago it was moved to Austria because of global warming the Dutch waters stopped freezing. The resort can go even those who do not stand on the ice skates — they opened a special school.

Austria, Zell am see, One of the famous resorts in Austria is Zell am see. A large part of the pond is usually covered with snow, but the plots allocated for riding, always cleaned with the Austrian thoroughness and accuracy. Here you can enjoy not only skating, but hockey. But if you want something really quite unusual, you have the ability to glide on the ice surface under sail.

Switzerland, St. MoritzSt. Moritz is one of the most famous resorts in the world. Luxurious, elegant and fashionable place, shrouded in the spirit of cosmopolitanism, located at an altitude of 1856 meters above sea level in the frame of the lakes of the Upper Engadine. In these lakes, and for winter ice rinks, striking in its beauty.Czech Republic, LipnoLake Lipno is located 220 kilometers South of Prague, in the natural reserve šumava, on the border with Austria and Germany. It is a large reservoir with a coastline of about 150 kilometers. The recently opened skating rink is about 13 kilometers.United States, keystoneis a Stunning ski resort with great runs and challenging for professionals, as well as the best place for a family holiday with children. In addition, there is a large outdoor skating rink, the ice on which thanks to the special machines always in excellent condition. Hockey, figure skating — each able to stand on skates will find something to your taste.

In the capital of Ukraine lovers of ice skating can choose one of the many rinks:skating Rink “ATEK”, ice Rink “Kryzhynka”, ice Rink “Science-Activities”;the skating Rink in “Aladdin”;the Rink in the “Bolshevik”;the skating Rink in “dream town”;the ice Rink at Karavan;ice skating Rink “Terminal”.

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