The bride of Ivan Krasko: “I’m not ready for children”

24-year-old Natalia Shevel next week will become the fourth wife of actor.

Russian actor Ivan Krasko in September will celebrate 85 years! But Ivan says that age does not feel… And we have to take his word for it. Because very soon, on September 9, he married for the fourth time.

The choice of the actor to be his student

24-year-old Natalia Shevel

. It turns out that the difference in age of the spouses was 60 years old. But it seems that the young are not confused. And Natalia happy.

“Smart people can explain anything not necessary. And ordinary people, not creative people will never understand. To explain something it is useless, – said in an interview

“Komsomolskaya Pravda”

Natalia. — Now the rules have changed. In this age of doing almost everything, we already have gay marriage and stuff like that. Creative people say to me: “Thank you him that he’s fine.”

Touched Natalia and future plans. Surprisingly, with children favorite actor wants to wait.

“Until I realize that I was really ready… the Baby is very serious. Have children, when the mind is lacking. Costs nothing to get pregnant, give birth, this is a piece of cake. But I understand that I and the cat can’t get. I really want a cat, I love animals. But their housing is not. And then the baby! And if, God forbid, what with Ivan Ivanovich? We are all in God’s hands. I don’t want to bury him prematurely, but it is obvious that he will leave sooner. Though promised me seven years. Well, he has a inner spirit. God forbid that he lived a little longer,” continued the girl.

But maybe the actor will be able to persuade her. After all, he has repeatedly said that he dreams of a little daughter.

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