The ceiling in the apartment. How to make it non-standard?

Oval, stepped, non-horizontal — which only today there are no ceilings! However, some still prefer the classics, believing that white and perfectly smooth surface over the head is a benchmark of good taste.

Now to decorate the ceiling in the apartment, prefer water-dispersion paints, are applied to the aligned surface. Simple whitewashing aside. It collects on the ceiling and dust over time can yellow. Paint no such problems. Modern compositions dry quickly, does not smell, and is quite economical, the surface after application can be washed.

To cover the ceilings in the flat paint, you can use plain white acrylic or compounds with additives such as marble chips. For each room you can pick your ceiling color, shading its interior.

However, plastered ceilings also remains. However, today they are not normal, and with a decorative structure. Plaster here is not a homogeneous mass, and the composition with the addition of stone chips, pieces of mica or wood fibers, which give the ceiling the original invoice. After applying such decorative plaster ceiling can be painted.

Unusual ceilings, made in the technique of sgraffito. This is when the surface is covered with several layers of plaster with different colors, and then, not letting them dry on the wet surface of the scratch pattern.

It is necessary to have in mind to decorate the ceiling in the apartment with a simple paint or whitewash, it is required to carefully prepare the surface. And electrical wire, these ceilings do not hide.

What else can you decorate the ceiling in the apartment? It is possible the oldest building material — wood. With a wooden ceiling, any room will look special, it is possible to tell, exclusive. This design is best to install it in the office or in the hallway. Thus it is better not to cover the surface of the wooden ceiling varnish, and tinted it with dye that will not hide the texture of wood. We must remember that such a ceiling is suspended and therefore will eat at least 10 cm from the height of the room. Here in metal pipes you can hide the wiring. Installation of wooden ceiling simple enough — the lining is attached to a wooden frame. However, this design is expensive to decorate a wood ceiling ten meters kitchen will cost no less than 10 thousand rubles.

More original look coffered ceilings, that is divided into cells fallbackname. The ceiling can be decorated in different ways: to be plastered, painted, stretch. And beams exposed, carry the decorative load. Such a ceiling will never be boring and will help to zone the rooms of the apartment, separating one place from another.

Of particular note are mirrored ceilings. It is important not to overdo it, because the mirror surface is a very strong element of the interior decoration. Finishing the ceiling mirror tiles, it is desirable to make it interspersed with other material, such as frosted, clear or colored glass. Design solution with a mirror surface is particularly suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

Drywall construction can realize a designer’s dream: make the ceiling of the complex and multi-layered. Drywall by itself allows you to hide all the cracks and bumps of the rough ceiling and get a perfect surface. In addition, all communications can be hidden behind the plasterboard on the frame. However, the ceiling also will take not less than 10 cm height of the room.

Decorate the tiered ceiling in the apartment much more difficult. In addition, it requires careful lighting. But looks much more impressive single storey flat. Stairs, niches for illumination, a combination of rounded and straight shapes, these finishing techniques of multilevel ceilings attract attention. Line of ceiling construction can be repeated on the surface of the floor for zoning.

A few words about stretch ceilings, which recently came into Vogue. Briefly, the suspended ceiling is a fabric or film, stretched on a frame. His installation is quick, even in the presence of furniture in the room. Well, the linen of a stretched ceiling can be colored, glossy, opaque, white or to have the texture of suede, leather, marble, cloth or mirror. On the ceiling film if you want you can put any photo, picture or reproduction of a favorite picture. Well, if she’s bored, has the ability to quickly change the painting. Stretch ceilings can also be layered. They can be combined with overhead mirror and suspended structures. For example, the suspended ceiling can be embedded in plasterboard oval.

Thus, modern materials and technologies allow to decorate the ceiling in the apartment so that they turn into works of art.

It would be the desire and the means for their implementation.

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