The combination of two inexpensive drugs will reduce the risk of cancer recurrence

A simple drug regimen can help prevent recurrence of malignant tumors, the study showed.

A combination of medicines to reduce stress levels with anti-inflammatory drugs reduces stephenielasho cancer cells, as vyjasnilos of Israel. They found a new way to reduce the risk of postoperative cancer recurrence with the use of a particular treatment regimen combining two types of drugs.

The majority of deaths related to cancer is due to re-growth of tumors after surgery as a result of metastases. During this process, the cells of the primary tumor break off and travel to other parts of the body, where they often form tumors that are already inoperable. Scientists from tel Aviv University, together with colleagues from the University of California at Los Angeles in three Israeli hospitals have proved that a specific drug regimen to prescribe to their patients before and after surgery, is associated with lower risk of cancer recurrence.

We are talking about the combination of drugs from the group of beta blockers, which reduce stress levels and high blood pressure anti-inflammatory drugs. This mode is safe and affordable. These two types of drugs are approximately as aspirin and they are easy to assign to the patients who do not have any significant contraindications, as stated in the statement of researchers.

Scientists were able to test molecular the path of propagation of removed tumors, and discover that their recommended drug regimen reduces the degree of metastasis of cancer. However, it is not clear yet whether this transformirovalsya in a decrease in the number of cases of cancer and deaths from this people. For information necessary to conduct larger volumes of research. In the current experiments 38 patients with breast cancer received a drug deralin to reduce the pressure and etopan to reduce the degree of inflammation within five days before surgery the day of surgery and for five days after surgery. Then the tests were collected samples of blood and tumors. It turned out that the combination of these medicines is very effectively reduced the number of biomarkers in metastatic processes.

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