The debtor was pinched under the crown

Bailiffs Shimanovskiy district, Amur region – the most severe bailiffs in the country. They did not hesitate to appear for a debtor directly to his wedding.

However, the police officers were very strong motivation to get the groom from the registry office – for him there were almost 400 thousand rubles debt. Their colleagues in Moscow, I remember, and for less money seized from some poor slob of an elderly cat is a rare breed.

The groom was, among other things, an entrepreneur and, apparently, could not afford to allow such a development. However, he had accumulated debts on the accounts for loans and, in addition, he owes a friend who helped him to repay another loan. While he was running from creditors as the recruit from the military Commissars was not at his residence and ignored the call in the bailiffs.

In the context of the Executive action we have established that the property and funds, through which it would be possible to repay the debt, the man no, – said the representative of UFSSP in the region. The bailiffs sent a request to the office of the Registrar and found out that in the coming days, the entrepreneur plans to marry. On the wedding day the debtor directly from the Registrar’s office were forcibly taken to the bailiffs.

There would-be debtor was carried out preventive conversation. Bailiffs, catching the victim, the time was not wasted and learned many interesting things. But because go said that they are aware of the fact that the inheritance he is provided a private house. And as soon as he will come into your inheritance rights, home and other property “will be recovered”. And soon the property will belong already him.

After this conversation, the groom returned to the Registrar to the guests and the bride completely different person. And tellingly, paid the debts within three days. There is a suspicion that it went gifts.

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