The definition of pregnancy using a drop of iodine

Some women wonder how to determine pregnancy at home. One of the most common ways a pregnancy with iodine.

Of course, these tests cannot be called 100% accurate, however, statistics show that trust them (if done correctly) is still possible. Before the test collect the morning urine, take the medicine dropper in the beaker (or any container), a blank sheet of white paper.

The technology is simple: fill the Cup (capacity) of urine, then gently and slowly drop a bit of iodine. Then we should wait and see.

iodine is well illustrated by this photo: if the drop remains in its original form and not blurred, you are pregnant. If on the contrary, pregnancy is not. However, it happens that iodine drop sinks to the bottom, and then POPs up and not blurry. If you did, pregnancy is! Most likely, a positive result will be and if a drop remains on the surface dereplication in the form of at least 4-5 seconds. Do not like the version with the glass – try the second method. Dampen a clean sheet urine and also store it with iodine. Now we important color. Purple or lilac in our case will be equivalent to two strips medical test, brown or blue – one (negative) bar.

And now a whole list of nuances that need to pay attention. Firstly, before the test be sure to perform “hygiene”, it does not use scented Soaps or gels (they can enter into a chemical reaction with the iodine and give an incorrect result). Second, if you are unsure of the cleanliness of the dishes – rinse it with boiling water or even steam disinfect. But then must cool, because high temperatures can “hit” result. And most importantly. Remember that the definition of pregnancy with iodine makes sense to do only in the early stages (usually no more than 10 weeks). Later and the test will be ineffective, and it likely won’t be necessary, since you’ll know exactly – to have a baby or not.

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