The don started shooting the series “Coal”

Shooting 8-serial pattern for the First channel being in the Red Sulina Rostov region.

The series “Coal” will bring together actors: Victoria Tolstoganova, Andrey Sokolov, Elena Tsyplakova, Ivan Kokorin, Inga Oboldina, Elena Panov and others. Until the end of August the artists will play members of the mining dynasty in the period from 1993 to 2015. The Director – Vladimir Kott.

The first scene shot in the bathroom of a two bedroom apartment. Actress Julia Hlynina (“Mysterious passion”, “the Law of the stone jungle”) and Tatiana Polosin (“Silver bells Creek”, “Hate and love”) – sister in the story – washed diapers and gauze diapers, something discussed. To gauze in appearance resembled the diaper frequently used, it several times dipped in tea leaves.

The whole situation filmed by a local resident apartment house on the street Park is reminiscent of the 1990-ies. But two weeks ago here there were naked walls and floors – filmmakers hung Wallpaper and old furniture placed just before shooting.

But this apartment, for the filming involves standing next to the dovecote, a local station, recreation, dam, canyon, parks, hospital, restaurants and Central square.

For the scene seized more than 500 Krasnodontsev hoping to see myself on TV. One day everyone will pay 500 rubles. That four-month-old baby Ellen on hand at Auntie Asya expects to release the set. Baby will play the role of Vaska the son of the main character.

After shoot the first scene, the crew broke the plate on happiness, as it says in the cinematic tradition.

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