The ex-Minister of culture Alexander Avdeev waiting for their fate

Former Minister of culture Alexander Avdeev was recently seen at the festival “Zerkalo” named after Tarkovsky in Plyos and an interview with the Source.Roux denied the rumors that he lost his post of Minister of culture, remains in the structure of the Ministry. Avdeeva also won’t return to the diplomatic service (before head the Ministry of culture Avdeev served as Ambassador of Russia to France): “I Have already retirement age”. To the question what he will do,replied evasively: “Settle down somewhere.”Curiously, the “Mirror” the two met with the culture Minister, the former and newly appointedVladimir Medinsky. At the closing ceremony of the festival in a speech written for the President of the jury, the winner of “Oscar” Roger Christian, was present of gratitude to the newly appointed Minister, but he made no mention of Avdeev.The error corrected by the President of “Mirrors” by Pavel Lungin, praising Alexander Avdeev for joint work. As for Medina, it was noted that he was “impressed us all generous gesture: just picked up and went”. Interestingly, in the final credits of the closing ceremony of the festival, the new Minister of culture was the only one whose initials were missing father’s name: “Vladimir Medinsky”. Obviously, when preparing titles, patronymics of the organizers are simply not found.Ex-Minister Avdeev has left the festival as a private person in the back seat of a modest “Ford Focus”.

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