The fate of the trawler “far East” is clear: the results of the survey

In conspiracy verstrate trawler “far East” in the Okhotsk morevisit less than one fifth of respondents.

Answering the question“What really led to the collapse of the trawler “far East”?”, 82% of voters suggested that the reason was“a combination of factors: negligence, malfunction of the ship and the security breaches

The following popular version, according to which“a diversion staged by the Ukrainians who were on Board

Another 5% believe that“the cause of the tragedy was particularly dangerous classified cargo.”

Finally, 2% believe that “far East” was a“repetition of the tragic act of the pilot of the A320 Andreas Ljubica”.

The survey was conducted on “the Source” March 3-6.

Recall, on the eve morecapable saved in the Sakhalin port of Korsakov, and in the area of the crash was obnarujenno of unknown origin, however, hope that nemogli to escape missing вести13 team members of the “Far East”did not materialize

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