The fighter stabbed in St. Petersburg after street racing

March 30, during a road conflict has killed a fighter in the ultimate fighting Ivan Beds, known by the nickname of Fraser.

The North prospect of St. Petersburg 20-year-old Ivan Stanyn and his friend, 31-year-old boxer, Boris Kuprianov range Rover staged a car race with two people from the Caucasus on the Infiniti. During the race one of the cars clipped another, causing between athletes and their opponents had a conflict.

During the fight, Ivan the Beds was fatally wounded with a knife and died in the cabin of the Land Rover. Boris Kuprianov injured, he was taken to the hospital. One piece remained their friend, who was driving the car. Killer — driver and passenger Infiniti — fled the scene of the crime.

The criminal investigation Department of St. Petersburg said that“no ethnic hatred [was not] only a dude’s ambition on a level place”. In the attack on Ivan the Frame and Boris Chuprakova prosecuted.

We will add that in 2014, Ivan the Frame named Frasier have already been in a similar situation. Then he had an argument with 39-the summer employee of FSB Stanislav Trukhacheva, whose car he had damaged, trying to Park. In the midst of conflict, a member of the KGB reached into cabin of the car to get the bat Beds and stabbed him and left.

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