The first steps to intuition: how to train?

What do you know about your instincts? Some will say, they have developed intuition and many times they rescued, while others will shrug and will not spend time on “non-existent nonsense.” But whatever your reaction, we must recognize that intuition exists and is an integral part of the human machine.

How it works, still no one knows, but it is capable of simultaneously link the past, present, future and, to be sure, to attach information from the repository of the universe.

Many people, because of their inertia and internal laziness, underestimating intuition and prefer to live “in the flow”. In solving simple everyday problems, they are more focused on logic, calculation, think a lot, do little and afraid of everything. And while intuition about no one remembers, it will not create unnecessary problems, except maybe a stir at the time a clear danger to life.

People with highly developed intuition are much more successful and prosperous. Such people are called lucky, lucky, envy them and even a little afraid. They just sign contracts and know when to stop, they happily marry and successfully raise children, get a better job, staying in the best hotels, buying high quality stuff… Can continue indefinitely, but most importantly, they do all this intuitively.

Now think, what is your relationship with intuition. Don’t worry if you until. After all, you are not born immediately with the ability to write and read. Just as you exercise memory, attention, walk to keep in shape in the gym and start to train their intuition.

For a successful result of the constant need to fulfill three conditions:

1. To sleep and relax.All special equipment to establish contact with intuition based on membership in the TRANS. If you have not slept, annoyed or are struggling with fatigue at the moment of talking to your subconscious you’ll just fall asleep. When depleted nervous system, you will be extremely difficult to answer. Your body will do its primary task — to fight for your survival. For quick recovery, use a relaxing trances, always watch your emotional and physical health.

2. Use regularly and for a little bit. While you train your intuition, consider the same factors as in the gym. To achieve successful results, regular exercises with gradual increase of load. Start with simple questions. Get the answers to 1-2 of the question, go about their business, relax. After half a day/day 1-2 again ask the question, gradually reduce the intervals to several hours. Undue haste and pressure, the subconscious will lead to fatigue, loss of energy and incorrect answers. Gradually you will get used to the fact that you have an inner counselor, will develop a personal language of signs and can complicate the formulation.

3. Thanks.Every time you get a response and it is confirmed in the external world, treat yourself with gratitude. As well as the children love to praise and strive to be even better and your intuition ready to try for you, if you’ll notice her answers. It is especially important to say “thank you” when you receive that, on what counted. Please note that people who do not praise yourself, intuition is practically not developed. Only in open and appreciative relationship with ourselves you can count on the successful dynamics of development of intuition.

So you rested, began to regularly ask yourself questions and you have in mind began to surface answers. How do you check where the truth and a lie?

While you are training and your experience is too small, start to collect statistics on responses associated with your past. It has already taken place and all you need to do is check the answer right now. For example, you know that on the kitchen shelf are dishes, but they were never counted. Now ask yourself, how many plates, and check the result.

Once you learn to 7-8 correct answers out of 10, consider that the “ice was broken” and skip to questions related to this. In this case, you first ask a question then get an answer, perform the desired action and check the result after a few minutes or hours. For example, you are going to call a taxi, ask myself what kind of car, what color, etc., then call a taxi, it arrives and you see how was right.

And finally, accustomed in the past and present, you can feel free to step into the future. Plan, experiment, ask questions, and feel free to go ahead. Soon you will become real lucky!

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