The futility of the inspections at the entrance to the airport pointed out Russia

Airports Council international has urged Russia to abandon the screening of all passengers at the entrance to the airport.

As have informed RIA “news” on 11 may, the airports Council international — European region sent a letter to the government with proposals to ensure the safety of the areas in the Russian airports, passing it under the full responsibility of the police.

According to international organizations, common control shall not be governed by the rules of the special regime for aviation security. However, there is also a need to ensure public order.

The letter notes that the checks on the entrance to the airport, positively do not affect the efficiency of the fight against the threat of terrorism: “These checks potentially create new vulnerabilities in the security system. A crowd of people (which can be quite large during peak hours) is an ideal target for attackers. The result is a potential target for terrorists in the Russian airports has moved to the entrance/exit of the terminal, which can not be provided security”.

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