The interior Ministry General Alexander Bokov stole $10 million

NEWS. Former Director of the Bureau for coordination of combating organized crime and other dangerous crimes on the territory of the CIS countries, the police General Alexander Bokov was found guilty of embezzling $10 million.

As reported on Monday, June 4, the official representative of the Investigative Committee (SK) Russia Vladimir Markin, in 2005 the General-the Lieutenant of militiaAlexander Bokovand his friends Kramer and Stepanov “misled” the entrepreneur promised to help to acquire a controlling stake in one of the major transport companies. The price of “services” was estimated at $ 46 million.

According to Vladimir Markin, in 2006, the businessman was transferred to the Trustees Bokova more than 9.5 million dollars, however any actions then followed. The victim has addressed in law enforcement bodies, and the men were arrested.

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